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School, Home, and the World. By Noah Davis & Todd Adams.

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1 School, Home, and the World. By Noah Davis & Todd Adams

2 What Going Green means -Its an idea to help save the environment, which will save you money at the same time. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Even Used Tires.

3 Public Recycling Bins Solar Powered Cars Even Ground Insulated Homes

4 Bucky’s Adventure The doors don’t seal, so air escapes to cost more in heating

5 Turning of the computers saves electricity

6 This light is always left on and is wasting electricity.

7 Around Randolph-Henry everyone is pitching in to help recycle

8 This microwave could be replaced with a more energy efficient modal

9 All the thermostats can be set low when no one is at the school to save electricity

10 Todd’s good and bad Real plates save from using styrofoam

11 Electric stoves save from the burning of gas

12 This is an energy efficient dryer

13 This is an older air conditioner that has started to leak Freon

14 This is a leaking faucet

15 These are single pained windows that are not energy efficient

16 Noah’s Good and Bad We have both a recycling bin and a compost pot in the kitchen to go green.

17 We grow a garden to save money on food and also to go green.

18 Unfortunately, our water heater constantly stays on, the fish tank light stays on often, and a power strip stays plugged in for a computer that barely gets used.

19 Schools That Are Going Green

20 Southside Virginia Community College -The School Plans to go paperless. -They Have started using recycling bins. -They are also currently open to suggestions on other ways to go green.

21 University of Washington -They are currently using alternative sources of energy like wind and biofuels. -They compost lots of biodegradable trash. -They Rank as the number one school in the nation for going green

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