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Faculty Information Webinar To hear the presentation Call 866-740-1260 3357675# PacifiCorp Design Competition2013.

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1 Faculty Information Webinar To hear the presentation Call 866-740-1260 3357675# PacifiCorp Design Competition2013

2 Facilitator: Dr. Thomas Hergert Guest Speaker: Dr. Marcus Childress Logistics Once connected, please mute your phone, unless you want to speak. If you have questions, you can ask via phone or type them in Chat and the moderator will respond either view Chat or Audio.

3 Overview 2013 is the 10 th anniversary of the PacifiCorp Competition The competition was designed by Dan Schuch, alumni of Oklahoma State and PacifiCorp employee to provide a realistic learning opportunity for students in the field of instructional design and technology The committee consists of Dan Schuch four faculty members and one graduate student. The chair, mentors, and judges rotate/change on a regular basis to keep things fresh. The chair has served on the committee and/or as a judge or mentor before taking on the role as chair.

4 Competition Web Site Pacificorp Link in the middle of the page. Current information Past Competitions General Guidelines Group Pages Past Competition Archives

5 Student Teams Teams consist of two students, no more, no less Team members can be master or doctoral students It is easier, but they do not have to be at the same institution Both students on the team, if they are selected for the final phase, must attend the conference in the fall

6 Schedule The Problem statement is in the conference schedule and on the Website in November. Students can determine teams at any time and can initiate work as soon as the problem is available. The month of March teams can contact a consultant with questions. This years consultant is Patricia J Slagter van Tryon ( By April 15 th teams submit the Phase 1 solution to the PacifiCorp Chair, this year Karen Kaminski The PacifiCorp Committee reviews Phase 1 submissions, selects the top 6 and by May 25 th teams selected for Phase 2 are notified and mentors assigned.

7 Schedule -continued Teams work over the summer to write their full solution for Phase 2. They consult with their mentor and are responsible for making contact, setting up meetings. By August 15 th Teams send their Phase 2 solution to the PacifiCorp Chair (Karen Kaminski). The Chair checks for identifying markers and requests any be removed. Submissions are sent to three judges for review. By September 1 st the 3 top teams selected for Phase 3 are notified. The top three teams continue to work with their mentor to prepare their presentation at the AECT conference.

8 The Consultant The consultant is a member of the PacifiCorp Committee who has experience with the competition. The teams of two graduate students work independently to develop the initial response to the problem statement. During March team members who have questions can contact the consultant. If something the PacifiCorp team had not considered surfaces, the consultant will share the information with all teams, otherwise responses will be for the team only. There are many assumptions in the problem statement – this allows each team to define the problem as they see fit. Students should not get frustrated if the consultant says that is up to you

9 Mentors Mentors are: faculty or professionals in the field of ID not from the same institution as the team members Available to bounce ideas off of, to request guidance and direction, to help problem solve The mentors role begins when they are assigned a team for Phase 2 in mid-May and continues through the conference. There will be one or two planning calls prior to assignment of teams. Mentors can contact the chair and/or consultant with questions.

10 Judges Judges are experienced IDT faculty and/or experts in the field. The judges role begins when the phase 2 submissions are distributed in August and continues through the conference. Prior to this, the judges will participate in one or two planning conferences and review of the judging rubric. Three judges review phase 2 submissions and collaborate on the top three finalists. They provide feedback for all teams regarding their submission. A fourth judge, from PacifiCorp, joins the judging panel for phase 3 at the conference.

11 AECT Conference October 29 – November 2 – Annahiem Three final teams receive free registration and lunch for the award reception Tuesday evening – Welcome Reception Wednesday morning – Individual rehearsal Wednesday afternoon – 1:00 judges meeting 1:30 – 3:00 competition 3:00 - ???? Judges meeting Thursday D&D Awards Lunch – teams, mentors, judges recognized, team awards

12 What can faculty/departments do to encourage their students? Make students aware of the competition and the process. Use prior problem statements and solutions individually with students or as part of a class to help them learn about how to approach a problem, determine the key points required for the solution. Work with students on giving professional presentations. If possible support students financially.

13 Questions???

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