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Countries & Nationalities. Australia- National flag Australian.

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1 Countries & Nationalities

2 Australia- National flag Australian

3 Canada- National flag Canadian

4 China- National flag Chinese

5 Japan- Japanese National flag

6 France- French National flag

7 Russia- Russian National flag

8 the United Kingdom- British National flag

9 the United States- American National flag

10 Korea- National flag Korean

11 Germany- National flag German

12 Italy- National flag Italian

13 Iraq- National flag Iraqi

14 Saudi Arabia- National flag Saudi Arabian

15 USA = The Statue of Liberty the United States of America

16 UK = Buckingham Palace the United Kingdom

17 UN = the United Nations

18 WTO = the World Trade Organization

19 CCTV= China Central Television =Closed Circuit Television

20 ATM = Automatic Teller Machine

21 NY = New York Under Terrorism Attack New York

22 DIY = Do It Yourself ASAP = As Soon As Possible ICQ – I Seek You

23 Were going to make a new wallpaper this month. Please make your personal ID card to show your talent. You should make several copies. Hand in the perfect one to the student in charge of propaganda work. And you can exchange the others with your classmates. Here is a sample:

24 Personal Information Name_______ Sex __________ Age ____ English name _____________ Nationality _______________ School ___________________________________ Class ____________________________________ Address __________________________________ Postcode _________ Phone number ____________ E-mail______________________________________ Job/Occupation_______________________________ Hobbies ____________________________________ Mary Smith Girl/female8Li Canadian Beijing No.166 Middle School Class 1, Junior 1 Lane 3, Dongsi, Dongcheng District 10000687654321 junior high school student painting, swimming, dancing, singing, badminton

25 George W. Bush Whats his name? Its George W. Bush. Where is he from? He is from the USA. He is American.

26 Whats his name? Its Yao Ming. Where is he from? He is from China. He is Chinese. Yao Ming

27 Tony Blair Whats his name? Its Tony Blair. Where is he from? He is from the UK. He is British.

28 J. K. Rowling Whats her name? Its J. K. Rowling. Where is she from? She is from the UK. She is British.

29 Bill Clinton Whats his name? Its Bill Clinton. Where is he from? He is from the USA. He is American.

30 Tiger Woods Whats his name? Its Tiger Woods. Where is he from? He is from the USA. He is American.

31 Britney Spears Whats her name? Its Britney Spears. Where is she from? She is from the USA. She is American.

32 Saddam Hussain Whats his name? Its Saddam Hussain. Where is he from? He is from Iraq. He is Iraqi.

33 Ben Laden Whats his name? Its Ben Laden. Where is he from? He is from Saudi Arabia. He is Saudi Arabian.

34 I know David Beckham. He is a famous football star! He is British. His wife is Victoria Current. She used to be one of the Spicy Girls, a very famous music band.

35 / _____________ _____________ CCTV DIY ICQ UN WTO

36 _____________ NY ATM USA ASAP UK

37 I am _____________ She is _____________ He is _____________ You are _____________ We are _____________ They are _____________ Im Shes Hes Youre Were Theyre

38 A: Hi! My name is Paula. May I have your _________? B: Cathy. My name is Cathy. A: How do you ___________ it? B: C-A-T-H-Y, Cathy. A: Nice to meet you, Cathy. B: ______________________. A: Where are you from? B: Im from ___________________. A: _________________________________? B: Im American. name spell Nice to meet you, too the United states Whats your nationality

39 Celine Dion is a famous singer. She is ____________. Many people love her songs. My heart will go on is one of her best. Canadian

40 Lee Coco is from _____________. She is a very well- known Chinese singing star. She is good at singing and dancing. China

41 George W. Bush is an American. He is President of __________________. The United States

42 Tony Blair comes from ________________. He is Prime Minister of ________________. the United Kingdom

43 Hawao Miyazaki( ) is famous for his animations. He is from ___________. He is a _________________ cartoon director. Castle in the sky is one of his best. Japan Japanese

44 Vladimir Putin is very popular with the Russian women. Many of them want to marry a man like him. He is President of _________. Russia

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