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Period Three Be a tour guide.

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1 Period Three Be a tour guide

2 review library quiet busy (adj.) Adjective 形容词:修饰名词,表示人或事物的特征.

3 park a clean park a dirty park (adj.) Adjective 形容词:修饰名词,表示人或事物的特征.

4 Section B f ____ a clean park ____ a new hotel ____ a quiet street e ____a dirty park d h ____a small supermarket c a ____an old hotel ____ a busy street g b ____ a big supermarket

5 Learn across from House Hotel Fifth on the corner Ave Supermarket
Bridge Street Supermarket Hotel Fifth Ave on the corner

6 3a Read the tour guide(旅游指南).
Welcome to the Garden District Turn left on First Avenue and enjoy the city’s quiet streets and small parks. Take a walk through the park on Center Avenue. Across from the park is an old hotel. Next to the hotel is a small house with an interesting garden. This is a beginning of the garden tour.

7 3a True or False? 1. The streets here are quiet and the parks are small. ( ) 2. The old house is next to the park.( ) 3. The small house next to the hotel has a big garden. ( ) 4. The hotel across from the park is new and big. ( ) 5. People begin their tour with the garden. ( ) T F F F T

8 Welcome to the Garden _____
District Welcome to the Garden _____ Turn left on First _____ and _____ the city’s ____ streets and small parks. _________ through the park __Center Avenue. _________ the park is an old ____. ______ the hotel is a small house with an ______ garden. This is the _______ of the garden ____. enjoy Avenue quiet on Take a walk Across from hotel Next to interesting beginning tour

9 3b Look at the picture and fill in the blanks
Come to visit Bridge Street. Bridge street is a good place to have fun. It is a very busy street. You can play the guitar in the ________. It’s there, between the _________ and the _____________. And if you’re hungry, you can buy some food in the ________________. It’s _______________ the post office. park post office restaurant supermarket across from

10 Learning the following:
take a walk / have a walk 散步 Let’s take a walk in the park. 2. across from 在……的对面 Across from the park you will see a post office. There is a park across from the school.

11 3. have fun / enjoy oneself /
  have a good time 表示“玩得高兴;过得愉快” We have a lot of fun at school. = We enjoy ourselves at school. = We have a good time at school.

12 Practice Welcome to center street. Center Street is a great place to enjoy _____. There are ______ stores and shops on it. It is a very _______street. If you want to _____ You can go to the video arcade. It’s ____ from the big supermarket. There is also a new park ___the supermarket. It is __ and quiet. You can ___ your lunch in it. If you want to see ___ you can go to the movie house. It is ____ the supermarket and the park. yourself a lot of busy play games, across clean near enjoy movies between

13 欢迎到… …的开始 在…的开始 喜欢,享受某事或做某事 有趣的 对… 感兴趣 导游 不用谢 玩得开心 旅行愉快 去…的路 到达 散步 welcome to the beginning of… at the beginning of enjoy sth/doing sth interesting be interested in… tour guide You’re welcome. have fun/have a good time have a good trip the way to… get to take a walk

14 Welcome to (visit) our school.
欢迎参观我们学校。 这是我们成功的开始。 周末,我喜欢享受阳光。 这是一部有趣的电影,我们都对它很感兴趣。 上海是一个使你玩得开心的好地方。 Welcome to (visit) our school. This is the beginning of our success. On weekends, I enjoy the sunshine. This is an interesting movie. We are all interested in it. Shanghai is a good place to have fun.

15 I talk a walk through the park.
6. 我每天散步穿过公园。 7. 我希望你旅途愉快。 8. 我们什么时候能到北京? I talk a walk through the park. I hope you have a good trip. When can we get to/reach /arrive in Beijing?

16 2. 到New Avenue 右转,酒店在你的左边。 3. 沿着 Bridge Street直走,在第一个十字路 口向左转,银行就在那儿。
直走左转,你能看到一个干净的公园。 2. 到New Avenue 右转,酒店在你的左边。 3. 沿着 Bridge Street直走,在第一个十字路 口向左转,银行就在那儿。 4. 穿过First Avenue 在第二个拐弯处向右转, 你能看到一个安静的图书馆。 Go straight and turn left, you can see a clean park. Turn right on New Avenue, the hotel is on your left. Go down/along Bridge Street, turn left at the first crossing, the Bank is over there. Go through First Avenue , turn right at the second turning, you can see a quiet library.

17 Thank you ,Goodbye!

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