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Unit 6 Our Local Area TOPIC 3 Which is the way to the bookstore?

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1 Unit 6 Our Local Area TOPIC 3 Which is the way to the bookstore?

2 Section D

3 1. Listen and follow

4 Ask several students to read 1, and correct their mistakes in pronunciation

5 2. Listen, complete and draw the route A: Im calling from a public phone on the corner of Zhichun Road and Qiuzhi Street. Could you tell me ___ __ get to your home? howto Work alone

6 B: First, turn _____and go _____ Qiuzhi Street. Then turn ___ at the traffic lights. Go down this road. Youll come to a small park on you_____. ______ _____the park are many apartment buildings. I live in apartment 309, Building 8. right along left right Across from

7 Listen to 2 again and draw the route.

8 3a, Grammar focus Imperatives Be careful!Dont play on the street. Keep quiet in class. Dont be late for school. Read 3a and 3b. Review imperatives and the expressions of asking the way and giving directions.

9 Excuse me, is there a…near here? Yes. Go up this street to the end and… Excuse me, how can I get to …? Go along…and turn left at the first street. Excuse me, which is the way to …? Sorry, I dont know. Im new here. 3b Useful expressions

10 Excuse me, could you tell me the way to …? Go along this road until you get to… Excuse me, where is …? How far is it from here …? Its about … away from here. 3b Useful expressions

11 5. Project Look at the picture. Put the following six places on A, B, C, D, E or F as you like. post office hospital bank bookstore school supermarket

12 Ask the following ways: 1. from A to D 2. from B to E 3. from C to F 4. from … to …

13 Key sentences. Excuse me, how can I get the supermarket Go straight ahead and turn right at the second turning.. Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to …

14 . Excuse me. Which is the way to…. Excuse me. Where is …. Excuse me. Which bus goes to …. Go along the road till …. You cant miss it.

15 : 1. Is there a … near here? 2. Where is the …, please? 3. Do you know the way to…, please? 4. Which is the way to …, please? Language points

16 5. How can I get to …? 6. Can you tell me the way to…? 7. Can you find the way to …? 8. I want to go to…. Do you know the way?

17 Its over there. Its next to the … Its across from… Its behind the … Its between … and …. :

18 Walk/Go along this street. Its about …meters from here. Take the first turning on the left. Walk on and turn right.

19 1.Turn left at the second turning.( ) at the second turning. 2.My house is on a busy street. ( ) house? 3.I can learn English from it, too. ( ) I English from it,. 4.Is there a library next to the public phone? ( ). 5.His parents buy some food in the supermarket. ( ) His parents food in the supermarket.

20 ( )1.It's about 2 kilometers here. A. far B. away from C. near from D. away ( )2.It's far, you must a bus. A. take B. by C. taking D. takes ( )3. left the first turning. A. Take; at B. Turn; on C. Turn; in D. Turn; at ( )4.The park is the factory. A. next to B. next C. the next to D. the next ( )5.Cloud you tell me the nearest hospital? A. way B. the way C. way to D. the way to

21 ( )6.Does Wei Hua sit your right or the front row? A. on; in B. in; on C. in; in D. on; on ( )7.You must look the lift first when you cross the road. A. at B. for C. to D. into ( )8.When you see the P sign you stop your car. A. should B. can C. must D. should not ( )9.When you see the sign you turn left. A. should B. should never C. must D. mustn't P

22 ( )10.We walk the park and enjoy our meal under a big tree at twelve o'clock. A. across B. to C. between D. through ( )11.If you are,you can buy some food in the supermarket. A. busy B. dirty C. old D. hungry ( )12.The doctor puts s chair two tables. A. in B. between C. on D. through

23 Draw a map of the way from your house to your school and write a passage about how to get to your school. Example: This is my home. When I go to school, first … Home work

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