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ATB # Voter registration was first introduced to stop _______ _______.

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1 ATB # Voter registration was first introduced to stop _______ _______. Voters make their final decisions on candidates and issues in the _____ _____. Where are voter requirements listed? List four requirements a person must meet to be allowed to vote.


3 ATB # When do the presidential and congressional elections take place? You can cast an _____ ____ if you want to vote but are out of town when it is election time. List three things a voter needs to do to be an informed voter.


5 ATB # It is the job of the ___ ___ ___ to carry out election activities for large interest groups. List four ways the media keeps the public informed on an election. ________ _________ is a propaganda technique that uses phrases that appeal to everyone. The propaganda technique that candidates use to makes themselves seem like everyone else is called _____ _______.


7 ATB # /23.3 When a candidate only uses facts that support the argument they are using ______ ________. A ________ is a relatively unknown candidate that is not expected to win an election. (pg vocab sheet) The ________ ________ is in charge of a candidate’s campaign. An absolute majority of electoral votes is ______ votes or more.


9 ATB # There are _____ electors in the Electoral College. How many votes does each elector get? _________ is the process from removing elected officials from office.


11 ATB # Candidates that are not members of a particular party are called __________. ________ are position statements on the specifics of an issue. Political parties play the role of “_____ ____,” keeping an eye on each other, like a system of checks and balances. What was the first political party in the U.S.?


13 ATB # The ________ party replaced the Whigs and focused on the issue of slavery. Who was the first Republican president? List 2 affects third parties have on the two major political parties in an election. Because both political parties have the same basic _______ they are more alike than different from each other.


15 ATB # /22.3 Voting for candidates of only one party is voting on a ______ _____. Voters must be registered as party members in order to vote in a _________ primary. A meeting of party leaders where they discuss candidates and issues is called a ________.

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