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Uponor Nordic Transportation Meeting Helsinki 12.01.2009.

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1 Uponor Nordic Transportation Meeting Helsinki 12.01.2009

2 © Uponor 2006 Agenda 11.oo –Welcome + opening+ introductions -> Jürgen/Thomas/Peter 11.15 –General information Uponor Group/SCM/Sourcing/expectations -> Sebastian 11.30 –Presentation Uponor Nordic -> Thomas 12.00 –Presentation Uponor Transportation Management/sourcing category -> Jürgen 12.30 –Lunch -> all 13.00 –Detailed information + training reg. Nordic tender process together with TRACONI -> Traconi + all 16.00 –End

3 © Uponor 2006 Uponor Nordic Net sales: about EUR 378 million Number of employees: about 1,300 Production/HS Production/IESales Business characteristics Leading position for both housing solutions and infrastructure technology Congruent construction methods and actors The main part of business is infrastructure solutions Opportunities, objectives Benefits from the use of the Uponor name for housing solutions The use of plastic and composite pipes in construction is increasing Production plants Seven production units (in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark)

4 © Uponor 2006 Uponor Nordic Net Sales 2007: 400 M No of employees: 1400 Production plants Finland –Nastola –Forssa Sweden –Fristad –Virsbo Denmark –Hadsund Distribution Warehouses HS Nordic - Virsbo Service Warehouses Norway - Vestby Denmark - Glostrup

5 © Uponor 2006 Uponors offering

6 © Uponor 2006 Heating and cooling solutions Market situation Underfloor heating as a percentage of the entire heating market: under 25% in Europe and under 5% in North America Market share of hydronic cooling systems: still extremely small Benefits of underfloor heating and cooling A comfortable and healthy living environment Energy savings Adaptability for a variety of environments Uponors strengths Forerunner in the industry and market leader An extensive network of trained designers and installers Offerings that cover a variety of needs, from high- quality residential solutions to business, industry, and outdoor applications

7 © Uponor 2006 Plumbing solutions Market situation Market share for plastic and composite piping systems: nearly 50% but increasing constantly at the expense of metal piping Benefits of plastic and composite systems Easy and rapid installation Reliable and safe use, with less water damage Uponors strengths Leading expert in plastic and composite piping systems Forerunner in the industry, with 30 years experience An extensive network of trained designers and installers

8 © Uponor 2006 Uponor Home Solution applications Uponor Underfloor Heating System Uponor Skirting Board Uponor Radiator Connection System PEX Uponor Fitting WIPEX Uponor Surface Heating System Uponor Sprinkler System Uponor Industrial Applications Uponor Tap Water System PEX Uponor Fitting Q&E Uponor Preinsulated Pipe Systems Uponor Tap Water and Radiatorpipe System Composite

9 © Uponor 2006 Infrastructure solutions Benefits of plastic piping systems Easy and rapid installation Reliable and safe, environmentally sound, low lifetime costs Uponors strengths Being a forerunner in the industry, with over 40 years experience Solid expertise and technical support New solutions to meet new needs Market situation Market share for plastic piping systems: about 50% but increasing constantly over that of other materials Uponor focusing on markets in Northern Europe and the UK & Ireland, where plastic penetration is clearly higher

10 © Uponor 2006 Infrastructure solutions Surface water Waste water Pressure pipes Chambers and covers

11 © Uponor 2006 Waste Water Treatment – Private Sewer Infiltration Sand filter trench Pump system A closed tank A small waste water purifying plant Big constructions

12 © Uponor 2006 Cable Conduit Power Installation Telecom

13 © Uponor 2006 Energy Rock, soil and sea collectors Sports arenas Pools

14 © Uponor 2006 Special cases

15 © Uponor 2006



18 Uponor Transportation spend

19 © Uponor 2006 Transportation Details Nordic Total annual spend >15 m Biggest share is FTL/LTL Other transportation modes include parcels, BB/Groupage. Out of scope for this tender are sea&air, express parcels, special equipment transports e.g crane deliveries, extendable trailers. More detailed information concerning volumes will be provided during week 3/09.

20 © Uponor 2006 Tender details Conversion factors –1cbm = 333 kg –1 ldm = 1800 kg Combiterms –Domestic normally 014 CPT or 022 DDU, sometimes 002 FCA –Crossborder deliveries normally 002 FCA Length of contract –Target to make 3 year contract Timeschedule –12.1 General meeting –31.1 Closure of RFQ –Week6 evaluation of offers –Week 8-9 decisions and contract signing –1.3 Start of new structure

21 © Uponor 2006 References Cooling system for the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok Gas distribution system in the UK Plumbing system for a 42-storey residential building in Benidorm, Spain Underfloor heating and capillary cooling systems for the Vila Joya hotel in Algarve, Portugal

22 © Uponor 2006 Transport Structure Denmark. All HS common articles distributed from Virsbo E Alberslund Brönnby Customer nd_Customer SW Glostrup Terminal Själland Terminal Jylland CW Virsbo Daily Route Post Office Number Själland: -4999 Jylland: 5000-9999 Randers Customer TIS TOR 12.00 13.00 LTL

23 © Uponor 2006 Transport Structure Norway Common articles with leadtime > 3 days distributed from Virsbo. E CustomerLanghus nd_Customer SW Vestby Terminal Oslo CW Virsbo Daily Daily (Ecoflex) Route 15.00 Mon

24 © Uponor 2006 Transport Structure Virsbo Average trucks/Month CW Virsbo DE IT RY ES HUEE LT PL 5010 GB 10Sea 4 4 4 8 10 4 4 NorwayDenmarkFinland 45 Central WH WS Sweden Projects 40 Many small deliveries Appr 250 del adresses WS Not CWH

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