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What Kind of Learner Am I? EARLSTON HIGH SCHOOL Faculty of Health and Wellbeing My HWB Skills, My HWB Profile. Getting Started.

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1 What Kind of Learner Am I? EARLSTON HIGH SCHOOL Faculty of Health and Wellbeing My HWB Skills, My HWB Profile. Getting Started

2 Today’s Lesson Understanding better how you learn best. Thinking about you as a learner Success Criteria I know what kind of learner I am. I can show what I am good at and how I learn. I can understand what makes an effective personal statement about my HWB I have created my own personal statement about myself. Materials Needed A4 Paper for mind map & coloured pens

3 What kind of learner are you? There are 3 broad descriptions to describe how people tend to learn. Visual This means you like to see pictures/images/demonstrations to reinforce your learning. You might like DVDs or flipcharts to help you understand and you may like note taking. Auditory This means you like to hear instructions and that you like to listen when learning. You might find podcasts and music helpful when revising. Kinaesthetic This means you like to do some ‘hands on’ learning. You enjoy making things, building and creating.

4 Questionnaire We all learn in different ways. Task 1:  Complete the questionnaire as accurately a you can to decide if you are more of a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.  Total your results. Look at where you scored highest and jot down the statements in your jotter which best describe you.



7 What is a profile?

8 I can start learning about profiles in S1!!!  You are required to produce a profile of your learning at the end of S3. This profile will recognise your latest and best achievements both in and out of school as well as highlighting the skills you have learned across all the curricular areas. The profile will give you the opportunity to reflect more closely on your skills, achievements, strengths and interests as you prepare for life beyond school. Your profile will eventually help you when completing personal statements for college and university or employment application forms/CVs.  We can start in S1 to learn about how to create a personal profile for yourself.


10 Task 2: Left or Right Brain? Read through the worksheet ‘What do you think with?’ Tick each statement that you think refers to you. Decide if you are mostly right or left brain – or both!

11 Our BRAIN is important in helping us to change our attitudes and beliefs.


13 Does your mindset affect your personal qualities?

14 My HWB Skills can help other areas of my school life

15 An example of HWB Skills

16 My HWB Skills help me in so many ways!

17 Positive HWB Skills can make you more employable

18 Task 3: Creating a mind map about yourself. You have 15 minutes to create a mind map which is all about you using your questionnaire results and ‘right and left brain worksheet’. All About Me How I like to learn My Personality My Subjects My Strengths

19 My HWB Personal Statement As a person I am hard-working and committed. I have shown that I work well with other people and that I communicate effectively in a group. In classes I am organised. I use my planner a lot and I rarely miss homework or project deadlines I am very organised which helps with all my subjects and materials. In school I am part of the House Representatives. This helps me to work with my peers and learn how to make decisions. I have increased confidence because of this. Outside of school I go to dancing. I have been in the same dance school since I was six. This has helped me with interacting with others and with presentation. I like to learn in lots of ways. I find it easier when the teacher breaks the lesson down into three or four activities. If there is a flipchart or power point, I take the information in more easily and I like using different colours to help me organise my information.

20 Task 4: Creating your own HWB personal statement Using your mind map write your own HWB personal statement. Use the model personal statement to help you with your structure. Peer assessment – comment on 1 strength and 1 target. Think about your mindset. Do you have a growth mindset that allows you to develop your values, interests and beliefs. EARLSTON HIGH SCHOOL Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

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