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Is Bebo Good or Bad???.

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1 Is Bebo Good or Bad???

2 Introduction Do you think bebo is good or bad?
I think bebo is good and bad in all sorts of ways. So take a look at my PowerPoint and you can decide if bebo is good your bad? My PowerPoint will tell you what bebo is about and what you do on it and it will help u see if bebo is good or bad.

3 I Think Bebo is... I think Bebo is good and bad because if you leave a school and you want to stay in contact with all your friends you could because you could chat when ever you wanted. I think bebo is bad because people could find you and tell them other things that are not true. For example: they say their 14 but their 30. If you don’t know them and they asked you to meet up with them that means you are not good at Cyber Safety! Personally I love Bebo because I can chat to people after school and put lots of new pictures on their and make my only page.

4 These are Some of The Funny people I Talk To On Bebo!
Mary (left), Me (right) BEST FRIENDS! These are Some of The Funny people I Talk To On Bebo! Rebecca (left) Me (middle) Shannon (Right)

5 Why Other People Think Bebo Is Good!
1.They think its good because you can contact friends and family. 2.It stops you from being bored at home. 3.Its good because you can make new friends. 4.You can get better at typing and get better about how to use the internet.

6 Why Other People Think Bebo Is Bad!
1.They think Bebo is bad because of the dangers and if your profiles public every one who has a bebo can see it. 2.If you except other people on bebo that you don’t know they could print pictures of you and do thing that you don’t like. 3.Because when you put reveling pictures on bebo people could copy them and use them as black mail. A Little Bit of Proof That Bebo is Good and Bad!!!

7 What My Best Friend Mary Thinks?

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