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GPV is a QIC accredited organisation GP Referral.

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1 GPV is a QIC accredited organisation GP Referral

2 Partnership between GPV and Victorian Department of Health Part of the Primary Care Partnership strategy – Service Coordination The VSRF is a tool in the Service Coordination Tool Templates Reviewed in 2009 and again in 2012

3 What is the GP Referral? Electronic referral form for GPs to refer to: –Health services –Agencies –Specialist clinics (outpatients) –Specialists

4 Purpose Standardised mechanism for referral Contains information for a quality referral From GP to health services and providers Replaces multitude of forms Takes no longer to produce than letter referral Preferred format for GP referrals Referral auto-populates ~80% of the data items

5 What information does it include? GP Referral Referrer and Referee information Service requested (including priority) Patient Information Reason for referral Clinical Summary Medication list Social History Medical History Investigations/tests (prompt for GP to include treatment plans) Referral Acknowledgement

6 Links to service coordination Why GPs? –GPs are the primary point of care for the majority of the community Main GP interface with service coordination –Referral and referral feedback –Team care and shared care GP Referral is the agreed tool for assisting implement service coordination GP Referral provides a GP specific shared care pathway for health providers and better enables communication

7 What’s new in 2012 Referral Acknowledgement Priority, urgent & non-urgent under service requested Prompts for GPs to include: Mental Health Care Plans, Team Care Arrangement and General Practice Management Plans, if relevant.

8 Current work Strengthening partnerships for shared care eg: referral pathways, service coordination work between Medicare Locals and agencies National impact, working with NeHTa

9 Success factors GP led GPV knowledge of the GP sector Long standing relationships with Vic DH Successful negotiations – clinical issues

10 Limitations Multiple referral tool development GPs want as few referral tools as possible Victorian Seamless electronic referral

11 Further information on the VSRF Lenora Lippmann Manager, Integration GPV 9341 5214 GPV website link

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