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8/10 Syllabus 8/10 Safety Contract (You will get this later)

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1 How to Organize Your Binder: Unit 1: Intro, Matter, & Measurements Unit
8/10 Syllabus 8/10 Safety Contract (You will get this later) 8/11 Intro to Chemistry Notes 8/11 Periodic Table Presentation Notes 8/12 Matter & It’s Changes Notes 8/12 Element 1-20 WS 8/12 Separation of Mixtures Flowchart 8/13 Scientific Method Notes 8/13 Lab Equipment Handouts (Front & Back) 8/13 Chemical & Physical Changes Lab Handout 8-14-8/18 Measurement & Calculations Notes 8/14 Significant Figures WS 8/14 Scientific Notation WS 8/17 Conversions WS (International System (SI) Measurements 8/17 Conversions WS (Units for Lab Measurements) 8/17 In Class Practice WS (Conversions) 8/18 Metric WS & Density WS 8/19 Laboratory Measurements Lab Handout

2 Unit 2: Atomic Structure & Theory
Atomic Structure & Theory Notes Ions & Their Compounds Notes Anion & Cation Chart Ions & Isotopes WS Chapter 3 Practice WS Periodic Table Notes Periodic Trends Notes Periodic Trends Review & Reinforcement Molar Mass Conversions Notes Molar Mass Conversions WS #1 & Answer Sheet Molar Mass Conversions WS #2 Isotope & Atomic Mass Lab Handout

3 Unit 2: Atomic Structure & Theory
Atomic Structure & Theory Review Sheet Dual Wave-Particle Nature of Light Notes Waves Practice WS Neils Bohr & the Hydrogen Atom Notes ICA: Pg. 365 # 1-6 & Pg. 370 # 1-6 Quantum “Wave” Mechanical Model Notes Quantum Mechanics WS ICA: Pg. 376 # 1-6 Electron Configuration Notes w/ Chart ICA: Pg # 41-47 Electron Configuration Packet Orbital Filling on Periodic Table Diagram

4 Unit 3: Bonding Chapter 12 Chemical Bonding Review Sheet
Ionic & Metallic Compounds Notes Covalent Compounds, Lewis Structures & Molecular Geometry Notes Molecular Geometry Chart Types of Bonds & Lewis Structures WS Octet Rule WS Dipole Moments in Molecules Notes Polarity Practice WS Molecular Geometry Lab Handout

5 Unit 4: Nomenclature & Chemical Reactions:
Balancing Chemical Reactions PowerPoint Notes Describing Chemical Reactions Handout Describing Chemical Reactions Practice WS Chemical Reactions Practice WS Unit 8 Review Chemical Reactions WS Forming & Naming Ionic Compounds Lab Handout Precipitation Reactions PowerPoint Notes Solubility Rules Precipitation Reactions Practice WS Review Sheet Naming & Writing Chemical Compounds PowerPoint Notes Naming Compounds Flowchart Cation & Anion List Chapter 4 Nomenclature Practice WS Ionic Compounds Practice WS Molecular Covalent Compound Practice WS Covalent Compounds Practice WS Naming Acids WS Pg. 108 # 1-6 & Pg. 116 # 1-6 Nomenclature & Chemical Formula Practice

6 Unit 5: Chemical Quantities (Stoichiometry)
Mass, Moles, # of atoms PowerPoint Lecture Moles, Moles, Moles WS Empirical & Molecular Formula PowerPoint Lecture Determining Empirical & Molecular formulas WS Pg # 35-50 Stoichiometric Calculations PowerPoint WS Stoichiometric Calculations WS Printed Notes on Limiting Reactants & % Yield Practice WS Stoichiometry Lab Rubric Unit 5 Review Sheet 2nd Page Divider Graded Papers

7 Unit 6: Gas Laws Gas Laws PowerPoint notes Boyle’s Law WS
Charle’s Law WS Gay-Lussac’s Law WS Combined Gas Law WS KMT & Gases PowerPoint Notes KMT WS Dalton’s Law/Avogadro’s Law PowerPoint Notes Vol-Mass Relationship of Gases Handout Water Vapor Pressure Chart Dalton & Avogadro’s WS Ideal Gas Law WS More Ideal Gas Laws WS Gas Stochiometry Packet Graham’s Law Gas Laws Review Packet

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