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Adding custom cars to career tutorial

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1 Adding custom cars to career tutorial
NFS Carbon Adding custom cars to career tutorial

2 Step No.1 We will start with fact you have the game installed , at least 1.2 version of game . When you have the game that works , we can proceed on step No.2

3 Step No.2 Patching your game to version 1.4 Default version is 1.2
You need 1.4 to be able to add cars You can find patches in link below : Note that , if you don’t pick the right patch , your game will not be patched to 1.4 version .

4 Step No.3 In the rar file you have downloaded , you will see few more programs More on that subject later NOW : when you open the patch program , you will see DOS interface , if you see notifications like : file updated and similar , that’s good . If you don’t , then you have the wrong patch version most likely After the patching is done , go into the game and wait for the version number to appear on right upper corner . If you think you have the right patch but the version is still 1.2 : Replace your old exe file with the one found in this RAR file Default is C/program files/electronic arts/carbon Paste it and replace it This will help you get 1.4 version

5 Step No.4 Ok , now if your game is 1.4
(also works on collectors edition 1.3 ) You can start with adding the custom cars into your carrer First : you MUST have that cars unlocked in your game before you proceed You can unlock all performance parts and cars with SAVE EDITOR also found in RAR file If you haven’t got the cars you want before , go to save editor , choose your profile and add the stuff you want to unlock and save it . After you have done it , check if custom cars are unlocked in Quick race .

6 Step No.5 Ok , now we are getting close .
From now on , it’s important you have the backups done in case something goes wrong ( like constant game crashing and corrupted save file ) Next thing you need to do finally is : to add cars into carrer Read in next step...

7 Step No.6 Open the Trainer XII (12) . You will see how there are many options ( 6 I think ) but only thing you need here is “unlock all cars” Don’t do anything with trainer so far Launch Carbon and go to carrer and then into the free roam

8 Step No.7 Now when you are in career free roam , minimise the game ( don’t turn it off ) and go to trainer that MUST be ON for all the time . Check the box UNLOCK ALL CARS You will hear a bip Go into car lot ( I prefer riding to it , not jumping ) SUCCESS – you should see all the custom cars here , including the ones you made in My Cars garage . Buy a car ( in save editor , you should have previously add dollars to be cool with money for ever ) After you buy the cars you like leave the Car lot . If you are riding the custom car you bought , then it’s ok . NOW minimise the game and check out the box UNLOCK ALL CARS , you will hear the bip ( like in sticky keys warning ) ( don’t turn off the trainer ) Now go back into the game and ride your self to your safe house ( ride , not jump to the safe house ) THEN SAVE THE GAME

9 Final notes This is it , from now on , you may experience game crashing , that’s normal considering you are doing something game is not made for . Your garage in carrer can take up to 6 cars I think , so , sell when you are tired of your old cars , you can also buy them again Most important is to know the sequence for enabling the cars to apear in car lot . And that’s : Turn on your trainer Go into the carrer freeroam Minimise the game and check the box unlock all cars Go back into the game and enter the car lot Leave the car lot Minimise the game and check out the unlock all cars box Drive yourself to garage , and save the game ! That’s it

10 Conclusion and stuff Thank you for using my tutorial
I do not consider this my property , it’s not registered or whatever . You can send it to whoever , whenever . Special thanks to people that made trainers and programs , enabling us to enjoy NFS carbon even more . Bull_the_Great aka masterNFStuner


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