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How to download and install Sharpdesk

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1 How to download and install Sharpdesk

2 First you will need to put the Sharpdesk CD into your PC’s CD drive
First you will need to put the Sharpdesk CD into your PC’s CD drive. If you can not find the CD, or your computer does not have a CD drive, then you can download the software online using this link: ViewLink.aspx?ItemId=35

3 The autoplay window should pop up when you put the CD into the CD drive. Click on
“Run setup.exe”

4 Choose what language you want to use. Then click “ok”

5 2 1 3 On the first two screens you see click “Next” On the third screen, click “I Agree” and then click “Next”

6 On this screen, enter your chosen user name, company name and the serial number.
The serial # can be found on the outside of the Sharpdesk installation guide book that came with your machine. All the letters such as “A” are in upper case.

7 1 2 On the next three screens, click “Next” 3

8 Click “Install” You will now see a loading screen. This loading screen may take several minutes.

9 Double click on the Sharp desk
Icon on the desktop This window will pop up as seen above Click “Cancel”

10 When this window pops up
Click “Ok” Then click “Finish” and double click on the Sharp desk icon again

11 On the top of the screen, click on “Tools” then hover the arrow over “Product
Configuration,” then click on “Network Scanner Tool”

12 On this screen, click “New”
and the following window will appear as seen on the right. On this screen, type in [your name] – desktop in the profile and description blanks. Your initial In the initial blank Check mark, “Image Processing” “Launch Program” and “Move to folder” then click “Ok”

13 You will come back to this screen.
Click on “Set as Default” and the Profile will become bold Indicating that it has become The default correctly Click on the “Scanners” tab, then click on “Auto Detect”

14 You will see a short loading
screen If this box pops up, just click “Don’t display this message again” and click “Ok”

15 You should see the model number of
Your machine in the “Known scanners” Box If not, then try adding the machine in manually as I will show next

16 To add the machine manually, click on
“New” You will need the machines IP address I will cover how to get this information in a separate guide Type in the model number of the Scanner In the “Scanner Name” blank Type in the machines IP address in the “IP address” blank then Click “Ok”

17 You will see this short loading screen.
Click “Show Details” and the status should say “Added” or “Updated” You should see your scanner listed here. Click “Apply” and you will see the following loading screen on the right

18 Send a test scan to your PC
Send a test scan to your PC. You can find your new profile in the address book of the machine. You may need to scroll through the rolodex to find your profile. Select your profile, and hit the start key on the machine and it will begin scanning

19 You should see your scan arrive on this screen. You can
see my test scan which I have highlighted in the green box on the screen shot above. Congratulations! You have now finished the install of Sharpdesk!

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