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Building Character Fairness.

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1 Building Character Fairness

2 What is Fairness? Sometimes fairness can mean “equal” or “the same”.
An example: The teacher gave the same number of markers to each student.

3 What is Fairness? – A Different Perspective
And sometimes fairness does not mean everyone gets the same Instead fairness means that everyone gets what he/she needs An example: During an assembly the grade 1’s always sit at the front because they are smaller and THEY NEED TO BE ABLE TO SEE.

4 Exploring Fairness So what does Fairness.... Look like? Sound like?
Feel like?

5 Fairness Having Fun Looks Like...
Giving the swing to the next person when your turn is over. Fairness is being a good friend. Let’s practise being good friends.

6 Fairness at School Looks Like...
Getting to the fountain first and quickly taking your drink so others can use it. Let’s practise being fair by thinking of others and what they need.

7 Fairness in the Classroom Looks Like...
Listening quietly while someone else is speaking and not judging. Let’s practise being respectful of the teacher and the students in the class.

8 Fairness Everywhere looks like...
Treating everyone with respect and dignity and appreciating everyone’s uniqueness. Let’s practise fairness by valuing everyone in our society and not playing favourites!

9 Being fair is being a kind, respectful and caring friend.

10 Treating Someone Fairly When Having Fun Sounds Like...
“I’ve had a turn, now it’s yours.” Let’s practice taking turns fairly today!

11 Fairness at School Sounds Like...
“You do half the work, and I will do the other half.” Let’s share a task fairly today.

12 Fairness in Competition Sounds Like...
“Please play by the rules of the game.” Let’s practise always playing fairly!

13 Being fair helps build friendships. Let’s practise fairness everyday!

14 Fairness feels good inside
Fairness feels good a warm hug and it makes us feel important because we have been treated equally. Let’s remember how we feel when we are being treated fairly!

15 When We Are Fair... We DO NOT blame others!
Instead, we take responsibility for our actions.

16 When We Are Fair... We give people second chances so that they can learn from their mistakes.

17 When We Are Fair... We make efforts to compromise when there is a disagreement. Let’s find a solution that works for all of us!

18 When We Are Fair... We listen to all points of view (or both sides of the story) before we make a decision.

19 Let’s Practise Being Fair By...
treating everyone with respect valuing all people for their uniqueness hearing both sides of the story trying to reach compromises giving second chances taking turns listening to others playing by the rules

20 choose to be fair and just.”
“Life is not always fair, but we can always choose to be fair and just.” ~ Duane Hodgin

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