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The Pillars of Character!

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1 The Pillars of Character!
2nd grade behavioral curriculum Ms. Burnett Click for next slide

2 The Six Pillars of Character
Respect Trustworthiness Responsibility Fairness Caring Citizenship Click on the pictures to see what the characteristics of each pillar of character are! Click to go to review question

3 What does Respect look like?
Treat others how you want to be treated Accept other’s differences Use good manners Don’t threaten, hit, or hurt anyone Click to read an example of being respectful

4 Click to return to the main menu
A Respectful Scenario Imagine that one day you need to use a pair of scissors and your classmate sitting next to you has ones that you want to use. A respectful student would ask politely by saying “Can I please use your scissors?” If your classmate lets you borrow them, you would say “Thank you for letting me use your scissors.” Click to return to the main menu

5 What does Trustworthiness look like?
Be honest Don’t cheat, lie, or steal Do the right thing Be loyal to your friends- stick with them no matter what Click to read an example of being Trustworthy

6 A Trustworthy Scenario
Imagine that you see one of your friends call another one of your classmates a really mean name. Later in the day, your teacher asks you if your friend called someone a bad name. A trustworthy student would tell the teacher the truth and say that your friend called someone else a mean name. Click to return to the main menu

7 What does Responsibility look like?
Plan ahead Be prepared Think before you act! Do what you are supposed to do Always do your best Click to read an example of being Responsible

8 A Responsible Scenario
Imagine that you have a math test coming up in class. A responsible student would have the date of the test written in their agenda, would bring a sharpened pencil, and make sure that they have an eraser. Click to return to the main menu

9 What does Fairness look like?
Play by the rules Take turns and share on the playground and in the classroom Don’t blame others for your actions Listen to others when they speak Click to read an example of Fariness

10 Click to return to main menu
A Fariness Scenario Imagine that you are playing on the playground after recess. Your favorite activity at recess is to play kickball with your friends. Instead of butting in line and cutting in front of people, a fair student would make sure everyone gets a turn and that whoever is playing plays by the rules. Click to return to main menu

11 What does Caring look like?
Be kind Be compassionate Be forgiving Help people in need Click to read an example of being Caring

12 Click to return to main menu
A Caring Scenario Imagine you see a student in a grade younger than you in the hallway. They are trying to find the bathroom, but they don’t know where it is and they are lost. A caring student would help this student find the bathroom and make sure that they are okay! Click to return to main menu

13 What does Citizenship look like?
Be cooperative Do your best to make your school and community better Volunteer Obey laws and rules Respect authority Click to read an example of Citizenship

14 A Citizenship Scenario
Imagine that school just ended and you are excited to go home. You see your mom parked across the street and you want to get in the car. A student who displays citizenship would listen to the crossing guard when they tell you to wait for the cars to pass. Click to return to main menu

15 Which pillar of character requires you to be honest all the time?
Respect Trustworthiness Citizenship

16 Try Again! This answer isn’t right. Try really hard to think about which pillar wants you to always be honest. I know you can do it! Click to go back to question

17 Nice Try! This answer isn’t the right one! Remember what you learned in the lesson and try to remember which pillar wanted you to always be honest! You can do it!! Click to return to question

18 Awesome Job! Great work!! You picked the right answer! The trustworthiness pillar wants you to always be honest and tell the truth! Good job! Click for last slide

19 Great Job! Good job! You have finished this PowerPoint lesson the Pillars of Character! I hope you have learned a lot about how to behave in the classroom. Make sure you hit the button in the bottom corner that says Return to Title Slide so the next student can use this! Congrats! Click to Return to Title Slide

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