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THE LATE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM Astral Drive Jr. High Information Session February 12, 2013.

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1 THE LATE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM Astral Drive Jr. High Information Session February 12, 2013

2 DESCRIPTION This program is designed for students whose experience with the French language has been limited to elementary Core French. The entry point of the Late French Immersion Program is at Grade 7. The Late French Immersion Program is guaranteed to students who live within areas of eligibility of the Halifax Regional School Board and who register by March 1, 2013. This is a one year commitment

3 CURRICULUM The French Immersion Program follows the same learning outcomes as defined by the Nova Scotia English Provincial Guides.

4 RESEARCH Many language concepts and skills learned and developed in French are similar to those applied in English. Studies supported by CASLT (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers) have shown that bilingual students “appear to have a number of intellectual advantages” such as the ability to think abstractly and problem solve at an earlier age. (

5 RESEARCH More than 300,000 students are currently enrolled in French Immersion programs across Canada as compared to 75,000 in 1980-1981. More than 2 million English-speaking students are studying French as a subject in school. More than 25% of young Canadians aged 18-29 are currently bilingual.

6 LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Students acquire French language skills in an environment modeled by the teacher’s oral proficiency, literacy awareness and pedagogical knowledge of second language acquisition strategies.

7 Late French Immersion From A Students Perspective

8 FRENCH IMMERSION CERTIFICATE Students receive a French Immersion Certificate at the end of grade 12 upon completion of course requirements. Upon completion, students should be able to:  function in a French-speaking community  accept a job where French is the working language  pursue university or college education in French

9 PERCENTAGE OF INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH (IMMERSION PROGRAM) Grades 7-9 60%- 75% Immersion students in Junior High school take five courses in French: French Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and MDV (Healthy Living). Grades 10-12 50% (minimum of nine credits taught in French) Students receive the French Immersion Certificate upon successful completion of the program.

10 WHEN CONSIDERING THE LATE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM… How is your child’s social and emotional development? Does your child have a positive self-esteem? Does your child have major perceptual or auditory problems? Can your child adjust easily to unfamiliar situations? Does your child know when and how to ask for help? Does he or she take the initiative to do it? How independently does your child do his or her homework?

11 THE LATE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO... enable all students to communicate effectively in French using listening, speaking, viewing, reading, writing and other various means of representation.

12 THE LATE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO … enable all students to work and study purposefully, both independently and cooperatively. enable all students to solve problems individually and collaboratively encourage personal development of skills, attitudes and values. enable all students to express their ideas and feelings in various art forms enable all students to locate, evaluate, adapt, create and share information using a wide range of sources and technologies enable all students to demonstrate a better understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritage with a particular emphasis on French speaking communities

13 THE FRENCH IMMERSION TEACHER... has an excellent command of the French language (written and spoken). teaches the subjects according to the established provincial guidelines.

14 TRIP TO UNIVERSITÉ SAINTE-ANNE Each Spring, Grade 7 students participate in a 3 day trip where they are totally immersed in an authentic French environment. They interact in French with other HRSB Late French Immersion students, and enjoy an educational and enjoyable cultural event.

15 PREPARATION AND SUPPORT FOR PARENTS French section of community libraries. HRSB website and French links. French language television. Extracurricular and community activities which promote French language and culture. Encourage your child to read in French.

16 USEFUL LINKS (Canadian Parents for French) (To enroll or not to enroll... that is the question) (Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers)

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