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Northern Lincolnshire Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Programme North Lincolnshire CCG Governing Body Update February 2014.

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1 Northern Lincolnshire Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Programme North Lincolnshire CCG Governing Body Update February 2014


3 Vision

4 Operationalising the vision Commissioning Intentions / Vision Major service change Minor / incremental service change Engage & Implement 1. Long Term Strategic Partnership Discussions (HEY, NLaG, York) 2. Medium Term Commissioners Vision / Big Picture Shift to the left – more community & home based care Centralisation of some services where there are quality benefits (paediatric surgery, ENT surgery) Agreement of final solution for Hyper-acute stroke 3. Implementation of enabling works QIPP and CIP schemes Keogh recommendations Elderly care & dementia strategies LTC initiatives (COPD, Diabetes, CVD) 7 day working initiatives Consult

5 Our Key Messages

6 Our Priorities Self Care Enabling people to make positive lifestyle decisions, better access to information and advice and promoting screening and preventative services Care in your Home Our aim is to deliver care in the home wherever safe, possible and practicable. Where possible, we want to reduce the need for patients and carers to travel for their care Care in your Community Most health and care services do not need to be delivered in hospitals. We believe a majority of care can be delivered out in the community, either in or close to people’s homes in a community setting. Hospital Services No decisions have been made yet about major service changes, however we know that a small number of services are likely to require large scale change in order to make the quality and safety improvements that we want to achieve

7 Some examples of what we are engaging on Promote the use of the local pharmacy as a first point of contact for minor ailments such as coughs and colds Introduction of information points or “support hubs” or “health and wellbeing centres” in public areas such as GP clinics or health centres Outpatient appointments - Many appointments do not require specialist equipment or tests. These can be offered in the community to avoid visits to hospitals Use of technology such as tele-health systems can be used to undertake simple monitoring procedures such as blood pressure, medicines usage or weight checks Hyper-acute stroke services. These have already been centralised on the Scunthorpe General Hospital site as a temporary measure. Patients have already benefitted from this temporary solution Children’s Surgery -We are considering whether this service should be delivered from one hospital site rather than at both Access to Services - We have established an integrated transport group to understand what the current issues are, and what may need to be done differently if services are moved Ear, Nose and Throat services(ENT). Clinical teams have suggested there will be some benefits to ENT patients if we have one site for inpatients and people requiring care out of normal working hours

8 Delivering the message Engagement Events Updates with community and voluntary groups Roadshows Engagement materials (booklet, posters) Press releases Organisational websites (intranets) 1:1’s with Key Stakeholders

9 Engagement Documentation Phase 1: Introducing the case for change & review criteria Phase 2: Moving the conversation on

10 Engagement events in NL A series of Road Shows have taken place in North Lincolnshire, including: – Kirton Lindsey, Crowle, Winterton, Barrow, Goxhill, Brigg, Scunthorpe and one to take place on 13 th February in South Killingholme. – The number of contacts and engagement material distributed at the Roadshows in North Lincs can be seen below: LocationDirect Contact with public Booklets handed outLeaflets handed outComments card filled in Kirton Lindsey33271917 Crowle141188 Winterton26281415 Barrow171686 Goxhill5432 Brigg564814 Scunthorpe High St7873256 Total2292079168

11 Engagement Events in NL We are holding three formal engagement events in North Lincolnshire:

12 General programme activities so far Developed the case for change and criteria for reviewing services Undertaken engagement activities on the case for change and review criteria, including stakeholder 1:1s and engagement with OSC Completion of EQIA and Risk Matrix, Agreement of Evaluation Criteria for decision making Commissioners worked through thinking around service provision Providers worked through responses to vision and emerging thinking Agreement of high level principles for bringing commissioner and provider work together Outline and articulation of jointly agreed possible service models (for public engagement) Launch of 2 nd phase public engagement Agreement of high level content for major service change and possible consultation (if required) Agreement of programme assurance mechanisms with the Area Team, Clinical Senate and Gateway Team

13 Next steps We need to move the conversation on: To build on the feedback we received in the 1 st engagement phase To focus on a higher level of participation in the service model development work and provide opportunities for more detailed discussion and consideration of themes and issues This will be delivered through: Stakeholder summit 13 th February 2014 A series of roadshows across the area from the 3 rd Feb – 14 th March 2014 Open space events within the North and North East Lincs area Online engagement Use of social media and advertising Public consultation to run from June 2014 We also need to complete the modelling work & financial assessments for the changes we are proposing, and prepare implementation plans

14 Timeline

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