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‘Changing the balance’ A 2020 Vision of Health and Social Care in Sheffield #2020vision Primary Care Sheffield.

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1 ‘Changing the balance’ A 2020 Vision of Health and Social Care in Sheffield #2020vision
Primary Care Sheffield

2 Vision We want to change the balance between hospital and community care, with more care closer to your home and we want to reduce the difference in life expectancy across the city.

3 Changing how we work The NHS and social care need to change how we work if we are to continue to meet people’s needs in Sheffield. Sheffield’s NHS organisations and Sheffield City Council are working together to talk to the public about why we think we need to change and what those changes should look like.

4 What we want to achieve We want to develop a shared view of health and social care in the year 2020 that is agreed by organisational partners, the public and clinicians. We will then work together, with the Sheffield public, to implement the changes agreed.

5 Why care provision needs to change

6 Future pressures on health and social care
Similar to across the country, Sheffield: Has an ageing population Is seeing a rise in long-term conditions such as diabetes and arthritis Has less money, due to the expected continued reduction in funding for councils, and the increasing cost of providing care Has a year on year increase in hospital activity, and demand for long term care Has waiting time pressures It is important to make changes now to ensure we have a system fit for future demand.

7 Projected expenditure and funding
Potential gap Contribution of the ICP to bridging the predicted reduction in council income The chart below illustrates that there may still be a funding gap even if the ICP delivers savings across all workstreams. In line with NHS England guidance, Sheffield CCG have assumed a 9% increase in funding over the next five years. Council income, however, is more uncertain with local government funding subject to political decisions. If we were to hypothetically assume further 10% cuts in 2015/16 and 16/17, followed by three years of 5% cuts, this would equate to a reduction of 28% over five years. The net situation in this scenario would be an overall decrease in funding of 9% over the same period and therefore the interventions we have modelled could realise just under half of the savings required.

8 Sheffield’s Aims for the next five years
Priorities in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy Sheffield is a healthy and successful city Health and Wellbeing is improving Health inequalities are reducing People get the help and support they need Services are affordable, innovative and deliver value for money NHS Sheffield CCG prospectus aims To improve patient experience and access to care To improve the quality and equality of healthcare in Sheffield To work with Sheffield City Council to continue to reduce health inequalities in Sheffield To ensure there is a sustainable, affordable healthcare system in Sheffield Sheffield City Council Corporate Priorities  An in touch organisation Strong economy Thriving neighbourhoods and communities Better health and wellbeing Tackling inequalities

9 What people have said so far
Key messages: Support for integration of health and social care, to reduce handover from one worker to another Support for care closer to home Information and advice about what’s on offer to support people Support for information sharing – telling your story only once Holistic support, e.g. mental health/emotional needs being considered when being treated for physical issue Comments about staff attitude and approach Getting to see a GP when you want can be difficult Need to engage people in design of services

10 Our aims for the next 5 years
Reducing need for A&E attendance and emergency admissions (20% reduction target) More local specialist diagnosis and management of health problems, making best use of technology, reducing hospital outpatient attendances Single assessment for long term care and pooled health and social care budgets, helping people to stay at home where possible and reducing placements in care outside Sheffield Development of specialist services in Sheffield to provide care to South Yorkshire and wider populations Reducing the gaps in life expectancy in Sheffield Quality of care and patient experience must continue to be improved

11 What difference will it make?
Ensuring all children have the best possible start in life Supporting people to care for themselves, e.g. information and advice, use of pharmacies More emphasis on helping people to stay well, preventing problems Risk identification and care planning for those most at risk of major problems Stronger primary and community services, including local Voluntary, community and Faith organisations GP practices working together in local areas, offering more services, but sometimes in nearby practices Integrated health and social care services

12 What difference will it make?
Better recognition of the connection between mental health and physical health issues Improved responses to mental health crises Fewer outpatient attendances, replaced by more local services and use of technology Review and possible changes to urgent care services Fewer general hospital beds in the city More beds being used to provide specialist care to the wider population Seven day working where that achieves better outcomes

13 Have your say Involve me!
The CCG and partner organisations will have a number of city wide engagement events and opportunities for patients, the public and health and social care staff to have their say.  Events will be listed on the NHS Sheffield CCG website – visit and search ‘2020 vision’. Involve me! To make sure you don’t miss out on any of our engagement opportunities sign up to the CCG 'involve me' network.  Visit and search ‘involve me’.

14 2020 Vision engagement events
22 July 2015 2 - 4pm at The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, S1 4FW 12 August am – 12 noon at The Circle 4 September 2015 1 - 3pm at the Medical Education Centre, Northern General Hospital, Herries Road, S5 7AU 16 September pm at The Circle Book your place here: 

15 We want you to tell us… How can we improve the way we respond if you have an emergency? How can we better help you to stay well? What should health and social care services do to help reduce health inequalities? What other areas (in addition to those in the presentation) are important? What do you want to know more about in relation to our vision and the need for change, and how do you want to be involved? What should our priorities be in spending the money we have for health and social care in Sheffield?

16 How to feedback To answer these questions you can either:
go online to and search ‘2020 vision’, or if you can’t get online you can call the NHS Sheffield CCG engagement team on

17 Timeline July - September Engagement events at all organisations
Web based opportunities to comment Discussion between organisations Then Reflection on what people have said Publication of a short document setting out our plans Action to make changes And Engagement and consultation on specific changes, to develop and test ideas

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