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NHS Teen LifeCheck (TLC) 1 a new online health service.

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1 NHS Teen LifeCheck (TLC) 1 a new online health service

2 Introduction A new online interactive health service for 12 to 15-year-olds Purpose is to improve adolescent health and reduce health inequalities by: encouraging young people to answer a simple tick-box questionnaire about their lifestyle choices giving feedback and advice on a range of topics motivating them to set achievable ‘SMART’ goals providing links to extra sources of help and information 2

3 Background First outlined in Youth Matters consultation (2005) Commitment in Our Health, Our Care, Our Say (2006) NHS Teen LifeCheck piloted in 2007 with positive evaluation from young people Latest version built on these evaluation findings Two other NHS LifeChecks so far: NHS Early Years for parents/carers of 5-8 month old babies NHS Mid-life for 45-60 year-olds (in development). 3

4 What are the benefits for young people? Empowers them to gain more control over their own health and well-being Raises awareness of risk-taking behaviour Support of positive choices can raise self-esteem Opens discussion on issues which may be of concern Confidential - they choose if they want to share it Signposts to local sources of information and support 4

5 What are the benefits for professionals? TLC promotes healthy lifestyle choices Supports delivery of PSHE Key Stages 3 and 4 Can stimulate discussion on a wide range of issues TLC reinforces your key messages Can trigger thoughts about behaviour change and help in setting achievable goals Enhances communication between agencies Supports delivery of local and national public health priorities - reducing inequalities 5

6 Which subjects are covered by the TLC? Physical activity Nutrition Solvents and illegal drugs Alcohol Smoking Sexual health Emotional health - including bullying Feelings - about school and self-esteem Family Issues - arguments at home Personal safety and crime 6

7 Who can promote Teen LifeCheck ? Primary Care Trusts Local Authorities Schools (nurses, PHSE leads, extended schools) Pupil Referral Units and youth offending services GP surgeries Youth services Voluntary sector Libraries Leisure Centres Internet cafes Pharmacies/contraception services 7

8 Who should be targeted? TLC has been developed for all young people but access for these key groups should be made a priority: –asylum seekers –looked-after children –travelling community –black and ethnic minority groups –young people with learning or physical disabilities –gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender young people 8

9 Pilot evidence - reasons to promote TLC ‘Your feelings’ section seen as innovative and safe ‘Your lifestyle’ section gave new facts and information TLC a ‘virtual buddy’ for those inclined to change Personal feedback raises awareness of individual risk Aids conversation with entrenched young people Positive reinforcement when making healthy choices More detailed evidence available in LifeCheck Support Pack Lite 9

10 Using Teen LifeCheck TLC is voluntary and private but something young people may need to be encouraged to do Pilot showed demonstrating TLC in PSHE lesson to be an excellent way to raise awareness of the site Emphasising TLC’s feedback and support sections when first introduced, increases its potential for use Health and youth services already using computers for information purposes could add TLC icon A range of promotional resources can be downloaded from the Support Pack Lite on the DH website 10

11 What is in the Support Pack Lite? The story of NHS LifeCheck Detailed evidence document Frequently asked questions Promotional materials, e.g. posters, postcards This PowerPoint presentation and user notes for raising awareness about TLC All can be downloaded and shared from the website More resources will be added 11

12 How the LifeCheck team can support you Download a range of resources from the ‘Support Pack Lite’ on the Department of Health website Email the team if you have specific questions: A media and marketing campaign will support national roll-out in 2009 83 Local Authorities each given £70k for implementation NHS LifeCheck Reference Group and Regional Public Health team available to help 12

13 What to do next… Check access to the TLC website in your setting Familiarise yourself with TLC and its various paths Get the environment right: think about the best place for young people to use TLC. Is there a link to a printer? Is it private? Link with colleagues and develop local plans Think about how you will let young people know about NHS Teen LifeCheck Check out the website for more information including frequently asked questions 13

14 Essential information The service: The support site: The email address: 14

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