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How to prevent injuries with exercise

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1 How to prevent injuries with exercise
Samantha Toews PT, DPT

2 How to prevent injuries with exercise
Warm-up Stretching Exercise program Target Heart Rate Muscle Rest/Repair Proper Technique/Posture Aerobic vs Weight Training Progression of Exercise Cool Down

3 Warm-up Warm-up 5-10 minute cardio exercise Goals of Warm-up
Bike Elliptical Treadmill (walk/jog) Incline walking Goals of Warm-up Raise heart beat Warm up muscles

4 Stretching Do before and after exercise
Hold stretch sufficient length of time DON’T bounce! Legs Arms Trunk

5 Stretching Activity Basic stretches See handout

6 Exercise Program Train whole body
Decide how much time you can commit to exercise per week Must have balance between cardio (aerobic) exercise and weight training Make sure your have good shoes! worn in shoes are the BEST Arms Shoulders Biceps Triceps Example exercise Back Upper Middle Lower

7 Exercise Program Legs Core Training Quads Hamstrings Gluts Calves
Hip strengthening Example exercise Core Training Upper back to knee Abs to quads Essential with all workouts Prevents numerous injuries Example exercise

8 Exercise Program Weight loss program Muscle bulking program
Mainly cardio/aerobic Light weight with increased reps Circuit speed Target heart rate Muscle bulking program Mainly weight training Heavier weights, fewer reps Rest breaks between sets/exercises


10 Target Heart Rate Calculate your max heart rate by subtracting your age from 220. 220-(your age)=max heart rate Target Heart Rate 50-75% of max heart rate Target heart rate will vary if you Have heart problems High blood pressure Pregnant Over 65 years old (40% of max)


12 Proper muscle rest/repair
Should not train the same muscles 2 days in a row Should always stretch all muscle groups Must give muscles proper healing time between workouts (at least 24 hours)

13 Proper Technique/Postures
Good Posture (neutral spine) Know what muscles your wanting to work on Make sure those are the muscles that you are using May be doing exercise incorrectly Maintain low back normal arch Always refrain from rounding shoulders Squatting form Refrain from compensating with other muscles (i.e. arching back to complete exercise)

14 Aerobic Exercise vs Weight Training
Burns fat Conditions heart Slims body as a whole Can increase endurance/stamina Weight Training Builds muscle Works only muscle group at hand Muscle in turn burns fat Can increase heart rate also Can also be used to maintain elevated heart rate

15 Progression of Exercise
Start out light! You can always progress the next day (especially if you have not exercised in a while!!) Overdoing exercise or weight training can cause serious injuries Use your body as a guide! Increase weight by 5 lbs increments Remember what your goal is Lean or bulky muscle Stay within YOUR limits Don’t worry about the person next to you!!

16 Cool Down Take 5 minutes to cool down after workout Walk stretch

17 What to Expect! You will be SORE! Old aches and pain to return
Especially if you haven’t exercised in a while If soreness lasts longer than 72 hours, decreased exercise load. If your not sore, increase exercise load (i.e. resistance or frequency---not BOTH!) Old aches and pain to return Should only last short time period Work through tolerable pain, stop with worsening pain!

18 Nutrition Eat properly Drinks lots of water
Eating 5 smaller portion meals a day increases metabolism Waiting too long in between meals decreases metabolism Less is NOT always BETTER Drinks lots of water Replenish the fluids leaving your body Injuries secondary to improper nutrition Dehydration, muscle fatigue, dizziness, nausea

19 Thank you for your time 
Any further questions: Contact me at: Lea Regional PROS 205 E. Bender, Suite 120 Hobbs, NM 88240 ???Questions??? Thank you for your time 

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