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How to create a successful snowball stand

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1 How to create a successful snowball stand
By: Wendy Potter

2 1. Save up To make a snowball stand you have to have money!!! Not only have enough to get the necessities but extras i.e. stools, tables, paint!!

3 2. Buy Property!!! You have to try to find a area of property that has enough land to have a stand and a (shady) area for people to relax and eat their snow ball!!!

4 3. Do your research You have to research where there are and are not Snowball stands. Find out what the population of that area is. If you can find out which type of machine they use. Ask what flavors are popular.

5 4.Buy a SnoWizard The most popular snowball stands have the SnoWizard snowball machine. You have to look around at different places. Mainly thrift stores or garage sales have them. If you can’t find any look online at

6 5. Buy flavors, bottles, and ice!
You have to buy as many flavors as you are allowed to. The more flavors you have the better your business is. People will get tired of getting the same flavors over and over again. Make sure to have a few extra bottles of the most popular flavors so you don’t run out before you absolutely have to put in a new order. You have to have ice to make a snowball!!! So have a weekly or monthly order of ice and keep a ice room.

7 6.Fix it up! You don’t want to hang out at a boring, bland place! So why would your customers? Even if only employees are allowed into the building you want to attract people with bright colors, but not bright enough to blind people. So paint the place, fix the roof, and put price and flavor boards up next to or above where people order.

8 7. Set up Set out your floor plan. You want to have the Snow Cone maker near the order area, people like to watch what happens when a Snow cone is being made. You want to have the spoons and straws near the tip drawer so they don’t have to ask if they want a extra straw.

9 8. Name It! Think of a cool, easy to remember name. People would want to recommend you if they could remember the name. Examples: Good: Sasha’s Snoe Cones or A Summer Day Snoe Cone Bad: The Best Ever Snow Cone Place You Have Ever Tried In All Your Days

10 9.Go Public Advertize!! Set up signs around the area of your snow cone place. Tell your friends to tell their friends. If you have enough money get a T.V ad or a newspaper article.

11 10. Hire!!! You want to hire your employees based on your space.
If you have a small area where only workers are supposed to go don’t hire many people. You may only want to hire your family if it’s a small place. You would mainly need someone to make the snowballs and clean. Sometimes you only need one person

12 11. Set days and times If you hired people or if you want to run it by yourself, set days when you would be open and how many hours you will be open. If you notice its busy on Tuesdays at four you want to be open from 2-6 on Tuesday

13 12. Open up! Set a date to open your store try to make it during spring or summer when it’s hot. People don’t want to eat something cold on a cold day. Tell your employees the day and hours you are open

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