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How do we use map symbols?

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1 How do we use map symbols?
Page 96/97

2 Why do we use symbols? When drawing a map to scale it is important to include as much detail as possible – however not all the detail will fit on the map so we have to use a key of different symbols, abbreviations and letters to represent the main items on the map

3 Think about it this way Imagine that you have to draw a map that shows the route from your house to the school – but you are not allowed any words . . .this means that we need to use symbols to show what we would pass on the way

4 Do you know any map symbols?
Draw a symbol on the board and then write below what it is!

5 Quick Quiz – On a page at the back of your book - write down what you think of the following symbols means There are 10 of these to guess – if you don’t have an idea - have a go! But do remember that you are trying to think of things that might be shown on a map! 2. 1. 3. 5. 4.

6 Quick Quiz – C G 6 . 7. 9. 10. So what do they all mean?

7 Quick Quiz – Ok – make sure that you are marking somebody else’s work – here they come 1. 2. 3. Caravan Park Information Office Golf club/course 4. 5. Telephone Battlefield site

8 Quick Quiz – C G 6 . 7. Lighthouse Picnic site Coastguard 9. 10. Primary Road (A Road) Rail station How many did you get?

9 Now you need to look at the list of the main map symbols
Look at Page 108 in your book You will be given a sheet with the same symbols on it You need to learn some of the main symbols for homework

10 Homework for Learn 4 of the sections of the symbols
Tourist Information Water features General Features Abbreviations & Antiquities






16 Make sure that you read the instructions!
Work now ! Page 97 – Complete the Activities – Make sure that you draw out the Table for Activity 1 carefully and draw out the symbols and explanations carefully Activity 2 – make sure that you draw out a copy of the island – follow the full instructions in the Activity Make sure that you read the instructions!

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