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Tivoli Software from IBM Storage Resource Management Webcast

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1 Tivoli Software from IBM Storage Resource Management Webcast
Tele-Rep Training Manual Prepared by: Wunderman Customer Dialogue Group

2 OVERVIEW Storage Resource Management
The storage infrastructure that companies use to store, protect and manage their data is growing in complexity. This has generated a need for systems management software to help IT managers keep control of their storage resources. This includes knowing how much storage there is, how it is connected, how much storage is still available, being alerted to impending problems, and being able to allocate storage capacity to meet the needs of users and applications. In response to this need, Tivoli has developed Storage Resource Manager, which allows administrators to manage storage resources more efficiently and effectively across the enterprise. 2 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

3 OVERVIEW Autonomic Computing
Another important, broader, trend in IT is autonomic computing, where software and hardware have self-managing and self-healing capabilities. Self-managing systems are able to identify conditions in the IT environment, and take automatic actions in response (for example, reallocating storage capacity when an application has run out of its assigned capacity). Self-healing systems can identify problems and take self-corrective actions (for example, rebooting after a system crash). Autonomic computing allows IT management to reallocate IT staff to higher value activities or reduce staff resources, and also increases the availability/reliability of systems to the business processes they support (for example, a website’s e-commerce function). Both benefits allow companies to improve the return on their IT investments (improved ROI). 3 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

4 PROGRAM OVERVIEW Tivoli Storage Resource Management Seminar/Webcast
Tivoli is sponsoring a seminar/webcast that will address storage resource management and the Tivoli solution: IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager. The objective of the webcast is to create awareness of the Tivoli e-business solution for storage resource management and generate qualified leads for the sales force. The seminar/webcast will focus on educating customers on the tangible benefits, which the Tivoli Storage Resource Manager software can provide. Prior to your call, contacts may have received an invitation to the seminar/webcast through the mail/ . This invitation briefly mentions the solutions that will be addressed at the webcast. A small percentage of the invitees may have already registered for the webcast via the website, or by calling Tivoli directly. 4 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

5 TARGET AUDIENCE Corporation Profile:
Invitee Profile: CTO IT Directors / Managers Current Tivoli® Storage Manager and Tivoli® Storage Network Manager customers Note: The actual decision maker may vary based on company size and complexity of current storage infrastructure. Corporation Profile: Large enterprises and larger mid-market companies Companies likely to have complex storage infrastructures and large amounts of data Across multiple industries Some invitees may be existing consumers of Tivoli and/or IBM products. 5 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

6 CALL OBJECTIVES What is your objective?
Register prospects for the storage resource management seminar/webcast (if they have not already registered) Generate qualified leads for sales force follow-up Create awareness for the Tivoli Storage Resource Manager The primary goal is to register prospects for the storage resource management webcast. We are not selling a specific software or solution in this first touch. We are outlining the topics that will be addressed during the webcast and educating the prospect on the benefits of the storage resource management. What if they want to speak to someone regarding Tivoli? Your secondary objective is to offer sales representative follow-up. Whenever possible, generate a lead for sales follow-up. Some prospects may have an urgent need and may be ready for a sales rep contact. 6 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

7 When Considering Storage Resource Management Software….
Key Questions Customers Ask Themselves are: How much of your enterprise storage is currently being used? How will you forecast growth? Why is your storage growing? How much worthless data is being stored? Is the right data being backed up appropriately? How much downtime is storage-related? Can your storage policies be audited or enforced? Is your IT staff alert to potential storage problems before they occur 7 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

8 OVERVIEW Tivoli Storage Resource Manager Software
IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager serves as the dashboard for the storage environment by providing a set of policy-driven automated tools for storage capacity, availability, event, performance, and asset management. Tivoli Storage Resource Manager will help customers: Improve storage return on investment (ROI) (or Reduce Storage Costs) Increase storage utilization by identifying and eliminated wasted space (obsolete files, files without owners and non-essential file types) Leverage/optimize existing storage resources Manage storage infrastructure with the same staff Enterprise-wide monitoring and reporting of heterogeneous environment from a single dashboard Automated, scheduled information collecting and reporting delivers information proactively Policy based automation identifies and resolves potential problems before they happen, reducing the time staff spends on problem solving Implement consistent and automated storage resource management policies across all platforms Ensure Application Availability Reduce risk of application down time by detecting and preventing space allocation problems Business / application centric management of storage resources Enables Prioritized application recovery 8 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

9 KEY FEATURES Key Features of Tivoli Storage Resource Manager:
Policy Based Automation: Allows storage administrators to define specific problem conditions and a coordinated set of actions that will be automatically executed to resolve those conditions. Helps to maximize the availability of storage capacity to applications, systems and users as they need them. Provides improved return on IT investment through better functioning business processes. Allows IT infrastructure to enable business operations – rather than hinder them. Reporting: Reports enterprise storage capacity Reports rate of storage growth and reasons for growth Reports the amount of insignificant/worthless data being stored Alerts IT administrator to potential storage problems before they occur 9 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

10 KEY CAPABILITIES The five key capabilities of Tivoli SRM that lead to improved ROI: **Asset Management – Enables storage administrators to get a comprehensive view, through automatic discovery, of the enterprise’s storage hardware and how it is all connected. **Capacity Management – Monitors storage capacity utilization, and provides for policy-based automatic or manual capacity provisioning. By enabling more efficient usage of capacity, less storage capacity is needed, which lowers IT costs. Availability Management – Reports on the amount of time a storage resource was able or unable to perform its core function. Enables prioritized disaster recovery and provides error detection and fault isolation. Performance Management – Measures data throughput and bandwidth consumption, allowing administrators to optimize the transfer of data to and from storage resources. Event Management – Alerts the administrator when the system is in danger of running out of capacity and provides other warning signals of conditions that could impair the storage infrastructure. By performing root cause analysis and correlating events - event management helps to ensure business continuity. ** webcast will focus primarily on these 2 topics 10 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

11 ADDITIONAL SELLING POINTS Tivoli Storage Resource Manager
Built on Open Standards Supports heterogeneous storage environments Easy to Install Install Tivoli Storage Resource Manager and deliver reports in less than 30 minutes. Be fully operational for 250 servers in less than a day. Integrates with other storage management products Use Tivoli Storage Resource Manager’s policy engine to automatically alert you to storage problems, even before they happen Detect and prevent space allocation problems to keep mission critical application up and running (SRM) Monitor and Manage storage enterprise-wide from a single web-based interface, regardless of platform (SRM) Improve space utilization by eliminating obsolete files, files without owners and non-essential file types. Implement policies to prevent future space waste. (SRM) Implement consistent and automated storage resource management policies across all platforms (SRM) 11 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

12 CONCLUSION Why should IT Managers/Directors be interested in Tivoli?
IT managers want control over their storage infrastructure so that they can better support the applications/users that depend on data, while efficiently utilizing storage resources How can Tivoli Storage Resource Management help them…? Tivoli SRM is the storage systems management software that thinks for itself – which enables your storage infrastructure to better support your business at a lower cost. Tivoli SRM allows administrators to visualize their storage resource’s capacity and utilization which allows them to effectively and efficiently manage their storage resources across the enterprise. 12 | © Copyright IBM Corporation All Rights Reserved

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