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Customer Strategic Presentation March 2010

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1 Customer Strategic Presentation March 2010
Operations Manager 4.0 Customer Strategic Presentation March 2010

2 Agenda Overview Admin challenges and solutions
Business challenges and solutions What’s new in 4.0 Features previously added in 3.8 Features and benefits © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 2 2 2

3 Operations Manager NetApp’s solution for monitoring and managing multiple storage systems from a central console Alerts, reports, performance tools, and configuration tools keep your storage infrastructure in line with business requirements for maximum availability and efficiency WHAT IS IT? WHAT DOES IT DO? Discovery and grouping Monitoring and alerting Reporting Configuration management Role-based access control (RBAC) User management Performance monitoring and alerting High availability and disaster recovery Free Storage Efficiency dashboard plug-in (To be downloadable separately from NOW site) File Storage Resource Manager (licensable option)

4 Operations Manager Architecture
Web UI: Operations Manager Java™-based UI: NetApp® Management Console Manager User Interface TCP/IP DataFabric® Manager Server Discovery Monitoring Alerting Reporting API Server Data Fabric Manager Repository The Architectural overview gives a clear picture of who’s who User Interface: Here we have the Operations Manager and Performance Advisor. -> The NMC (NetApp Management Console) a Java Based Client, houses the Performance Advisor, Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager which can installed anywhere as desired. -> Similarly, the Operations Manager which is WEB based UI can be launched from anywhere. Infrastructure services: Here, we have only one server, the DataFabric Manager Server and its Repository which provide central data storage and agent coordination to Operations Manager, Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager. The Infrastructure component can be installed on a server (Windows, Linux, UNIX). Hence Operations Manager, Performance Advisor, Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager have a common repository – the DataFabric Manager. Targets: The Only agent we have is the host agent which can be installed on the server for “File level- reporting. We don’t have any agents to monitor the NetApp storage systems. Infrastructure Services Host Agent APIs: ZAPIs Data ONTAP® APIs: SNMP, NDMP, ZAPI NetApp Storage Systems NetApp Host Agent Targets 4

5 Challenges Administrator Challenges Storage administrative workflows are manual, time consuming, and error prone Configuring systems one-by-one is not scalable and results in inconsistencies and business policy violations “I have no visibility into my storage infrastructure”

6 Meeting business requirements
Challenges Business Challenges Data growth Meeting business requirements Unable to anticipate storage interruptions Budget constraints <<Third bullet crashes into photo.>> Data at risk Unable to identify unprotected data Manual processes are error prone Productivity declining Manual processes compromise productivity Inability to meet SLAs Backup windows shrinking, data exploding

7 The NetApp Solution Storage management made easy Maximize availability
Centralize and automate your storage management workflows Maximize availability Automatically detect potential problems and take corrective action to prevent downtime Help reduce TCO Reduce costs by optimizing your resource utilization and increasing the productivity and efficiency of your storage management Enable business policy compliance Meet business policy requirements through standardizing enterprise-wide NetApp® storage configuration, flexible access controls, and customized reporting Improve your storage efficiency Get deduplication reports to understand your space savings Notify user when deduplication limit has been crossed Get visibility into the Storage utilization and storage efficiency of your environment via Storage efficiency dashboard. (separate download required) <<For consistency, the second-level bullets should be dashes.>>

8 NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
What’s new in Operations Manger 4.0? Operations Manager 4.0 Features Discovery, Monitoring, Reporting and Alerting support for Data ONTAP 8.0 (both 7-mode and cluster-mode support) Performance Diagnostic and Event Correlation Performance Baselining Performance Advisor Data collection enhancements Performance Advisor Data Export MyAutoSupport integration Storage Efficiency Dashboard plug-in VSphere Vmotion and HA support ONTAP 8 Support: 1. Discovers cluster components: clusters, nodes, SFO pairs aggregates, striped aggregates volumes, striped volumes, snapshots ports, port aggregates LIFs, LIF failover rule vservers, namespace, junctions 2. Monitors the health and general status of cluster components and generate appropriate events. Provides physical view and logical view of the ONTAP 8 clusters and their components Provides physical and logical resources’ utilization details Generates events for any failures of the physical components of the ONTAP 8 cluster 3. Reporting for ONTAP 8 clusters Provides all the reports available currently for 7G as applicable Provides ONTAP 8 specific reports on ONTAP 8 cluster components, chargeback reports for the ONTAP 8 components V-Series enhancements: Monitor storage arrays and array ports known to a V-Series system. Monitor storage load of array LUNs. Reports for displaying back-end SAN data. report to display information about a storage array. report to display associated array ports of a storage array. report to show how the storage array has been configured. report to show switch zoning and pathing information of an array LUN. report to show storage load on an array LUN. report to show back end storage load on an aggregate. Export/Import of Performance Data for Offline Analysis: The current PA data exporting feature need to be enhanced to provide generic data format to the exported data so that it can be imported by other tools (NetApp internal performace tools or other vendor performance tools). With this feature, NGS can request customer to send the data (which is collected by Performance Advisor regularly) and use other internal tools like Latex to diagnose the performance issue. Performance Data collection enhancements: Provides more flexibility to the user in collecting and customizing the performance data collection. This enhancement will provide the following: Disable the data collection of certain performance counters for a particular host. Enable the data collection of certain performance counters for a particular host. Modify the data collection frequency of certain counters for a particular host, so that only the important data is collected at frequent intervals. Modify the data retention period of certain counters for a particular host, so that only the important data is retained for longer periods of time . Ability to view the historic data for a counter which is newly added to a custom view. Performance Diagnostics and Event Correlation: This feature would provide the diagnostic details on-demand whenever there is any performance issue: possible reasons why the threshold is breached. Eg: The disk is slow hence the I/O latency threshold is breached identify the potential storage objects that are responsible for the threshold breach. Eg: Which disk is slow that caused increase in I/O latency suggest possible corrective actions to solve the performance problem Provide correlation between different events that would help the user to troubleshoot any performance issues Performance Baselining: This feature would provide the following: Advanced performance metrics like min, max, mean, average, x percentile and standard deviation for the counters and compare them with the current values. Premium AutoSupport integration: Premium Autosupport link will be provided in Operations Manager. User will be able to launch the Premium Autosupport for any particular filer discovered by Operations Manager. Premium AutoSupport fills some of the key gaps in Operations Manager in the areas of diagnostic (provides device visualization, health status of the different physical components) and configuration management (upgrade advisor). Some Use Cases for this feature: Admin wants to see the which filer needs to be upgraded with latest firmware/ONTAP. He can launch the Premium AutoSupport for that filer and use the Upgrade Advisor to scan the filer for any possible upgrades of the firmware or ONTAP Admin wants to the physical and logical layout of the storage system. He can launch the premium autosupport portal for the storage system and use the device visualization views to know the layout of the storage system including shelves, slots and adapter interfaces, cabling connection, and VIF interfaces etc NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 8 8

9 Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting for ONTAP 8.0 clusters
Monitors the health of cluster components and generates appropriate events. Provides most of the reports available currently for 7G systems as applicable Provides new reports on ONTAP 8.0 cluster components

10 Performance Advisor Enhancements
Select Appropriate Threshold Performance Threshold alert Filters to Baseline workload patterns Identify any rogue clients that are causing performance issue Resolved ? End Diagnose visually by correlating system events with performance data Resolved ? End Run Health check rules Resolved ? End Export PA data for further analysis if requested by NetApp support

11 Storage Efficiency Dashboard plug-in
Free plug-in which can be downloaded from NOW tool chest Provides utilization and efficiency details

12 Features previously added in Operations Manager 3.8
Deduplication support IPv6 support Solaris™ de-support NetCache® de-support

13 Operations Manager 3.8 Features
What Does It Do? Deduplication support Notify user of volumes where deduplication is being applied (or not) via Operations Manager console Deduplication and LUN and file clone space saving reports IPv6 support Discovery of IPv6 enabled storage systems, reporting on IPv6 interface cards

14 Operations Manager Benefits Overview
Faster, more reliable management of your NetApp® storage resources Automate administrator workflows Minimize time-consuming and error-prone manual processes Apply RBAC for specific areas of responsibility Meet SLAs Standardize configuration management Improve storage efficiency Track and report deduplication savings More effective capacity planning Reduce administrator burden

15 Backup Slides © 2009 NetApp. All rights reserved. 15

16 Deduplication Space Saving Reports
Operations Manager provides deduplication reports to address the following customer challenges: What space savings are achieved in my NetApp® environment with deduplication? Which are the potential volumes where deduplication can be run to save more space?

17 Capacity Trending Operations Manager provides capacity trending graphs that can help customers to understand how much space is used with and without deduplication for more effective capacity planning

18 IPv6 Support Operations Manager can discover NetApp®storage systems with IPv6 addresses

19 Performance Advisor Overview Key features of Performance Advisor:
This feature of Operations Manager provides a single location to view comprehensive storage system and vFiler™ performance information Key features of Performance Advisor: Performance monitoring Canned and custom views Configurable dashboard Thresholds and combination thresholds Threshold templates Alerts Export Performance advisor data for further analysis

20 File Storage Resource Manager
Overview This is a licensed feature of Operations Manager This feature enables Operations Manager to monitor and report on file-level details on “host-agent” residing servers (Windows®, Linux®, Solaris™) Key features of FSRM: Performs file-level monitoring and file-classification reporting Provides end-to-end mapping from the server’s logical device or drive to the NetApp® storage system’s logical device

21 Thank you © Copyright 2010 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, DataFabric, Data ONTAP, NetCache, and vFiler are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Java And Solaris are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.

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