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What Employers Want.

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1 What Employers Want

2 Cooperativeness: A willingness to work well with everyone else on the job to reach a common goal

3 How can you be cooperative?
Do tasks you don’t like without complaining. Do your fair share of a job. Pitch in to help a coworker. Volunteer to help coworkers meet a deadline or reach a goal.

4 Be willing to follow directions.
Stop whatever you are doing and listen to the directions being given. Listen carefully. Take notes. Identify the goal of the task. Ask questions!

5 Have a willingness to learn.
Look for opportunities. Get more training. Don’t pretend to know something you don’t. Again, ask questions.

6 Have initiative. Do what needs to be done without being told to do it.

7 Be responsible. Demonstrate the willingness to accept an obligation and to be accountable for an action or situation.

8 Loyalty How do you show loyalty at work? Be positive.
Look for solutions. Keep critical comments to yourself. *You are part of a team. Work together.

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