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Trenda McPherson - Florida Dept of Transportation Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference Daytona Beach, Florida August 9, 2011.

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1 Trenda McPherson - Florida Dept of Transportation Transportation Disadvantaged Training and Technology Conference Daytona Beach, Florida August 9, 2011

2  A community based mobility management concept coordinated through Community Transportation Coordinators (CTC’s).  Promotes a local one-call number to reach a mobility manager trained in local transportation safety and mobility resources.  Promotes a transportation guidebook that contains state and local resources.  Supported at the state level but designed to be self sustaining.

3  FL Dept of Transportation  State Traffic Engineering & Operations  State Safety  State Transit  FL Dept of Elder Affairs  Communities for a Lifetime Initiative  FL Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged  FL Highway Patrol  FL Dept of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles  FL Dept of Health  Injury Prevention

4  National Center on Senior Transportation  6/08 – Solicited grants for statewide older driver programs  Six states awarded grants (Tennessee, Nebraska, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida)  9/16-17/08, Dallas, TX  Team Florida’s Goal  To implement more effective programs that address older driver safety and mobility issues.  Team Florida’s Proposed Solution….

5  Each county has a CTC.  What if we trained a staff member to be the mobility manager?  Conduct a Pilot Program.  Urban and Rural  Bring our existing statewide tools and resources to help support the mobility manager.  Promote One Call Number.

6  A mobility manager works with local agencies to help coordinate the travel and trip planning needs of individuals who receive human service program assistance or are seeking alternative transportation services.

7  CTC Customer Service Staff are often unfamiliar with all programs & resources that are available.  Mobility Manager will provide additional resources that would benefit the CTC and customers.  Allows them to spend more time speaking with the caller to meet their individual transportation needs.

8  Less demand on public transportation through resources that keep seniors driving safer longer.  Less demand on public transportation by utilizing alternative transportation sources.  Keep people mobile and engaged in the community.

9  Currently people have to fit the system—we are now trying to design a system to fit individual transportation needs.  Assist county in becoming self-sufficient and able to carry on and sustain their mobility manager program from year to year.  Educate and bring available state transportation safety and mobility resources directly into the community.

10  Transitioning from Driving Emphasis Area  Objective: Increase the number of mobility managers available in every county.  Performance Measure:Number of mobility managers  Strategy 1: Educate on the role and benefits of a mobility manager.  Strategy 2: Promote widespread use of mobility manager programs.  Strategy 3: Promote the use and benefits of travel assistance as a resource for mobility managers.

11  Section 5311 (no state match given)  New Freedom Grants  Other Grant Applications –  Section 402 Highway Safety Grants

12  The Florida Department of Transportation Safety Office (FDOT) administers funding to safety- related agencies as "seed" money to assist in the development and implementation of programs that address traffic safety deficiencies or expand ongoing safety projects.  Funding for the Highway Safety Grant Program is provided annually by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

13  State, Local and County Government Agencies (including Law Enforcement)  State Colleges and Universities  And certain qualified Non-Profit Organizations


15 Concept papers must be postmarked no later than March 31 st to eligible for consideration for funding in the upcoming federal fiscal year. Forms and application instructions can be found at: yGrantProgram/hsgp/hsgpsample.shtm yGrantProgram/hsgp/hsgpsample.shtm

16  Staff in the Highway Safety Grant section identify traffic problems throughout the state by:  Analyzing data from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV)  Studying the results of observational surveys  Analyzing how/where the request for funding ties into the Strategic Highway Safety Plan  Reviewing the rankings on the Highway Safety Matrix

17  JANUARY Problem Identification Setting of Goals and Objectives  JANUARY - MARCH Submission of Concept Papers  APRIL 1 - MID JUNE Review and Selection of Projects by Traffic Safety Section Send out Acknowledgement Letters  JULY Highway Safety Plan (HSP) Preparation  AUGUST Send Award and Denial Letters  SEPTEMBER 1 Approval of Highway Safety Plan by Governor's Highway Safety Representative Submission of Grant Applications to Highway Safety Grant Section.  OCTOBER - Grants awarded as Congress approves and releases program funds.

18  Grants are administered on a Federal fiscal year basis (October 1 – September 30).  Funding is approved on a yearly basis, however agencies can be funded for up to three consecutive years for a local program and for as long as necessary for a statewide program.

19  Expanded United We Guide  Goal: Use grant seed money to become self sustaining.  Continued training and support by the state team.  St Johns County – Phase 2  St Johns Council on Aging – Katie Arnold  Regional Pilot – Leon, Wakulla, Gadsden, and Jefferson counties  StarMetro – Andrea Rosser


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