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Captain Byron T. Hadley Cast by Clancy Brown.

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1 Captain Byron T. Hadley Cast by Clancy Brown

2 Who is Byron Hadley? Byron Hadley is the captain of the guards. He is a hard, violent man. Hadley carries out the instructions of the wardens, including the shooting of Tommy. The two key moments involving Hadley are when Andy arranges to complete his inheritance tax paperwork, with which he secures his position with the guards and his fellow inmates, and secondly when Hadley "takes care" of Bogs, after Bogs and The Sisters attack Andy. Hadley is arrested by the police after Andy escapes.

3 Describing Words… Tough Stern Violent Staunch Uneducated Selfish Cruel

4 Quotes by Hadley “Drink up while its cold, ladies” says this to all the workmen while on the rooftop in a charitable tone, as if he was doing something good. “You eat when we say you eat. You shit when we say you shit. And you piss when we say you piss!” says this to the new inmates, to reinforce the fact that they are now under tight control. “You're gonna look real funny sucking my dick with no teeth” says this to Andy on rooftop when he tries to give him advice about his money. “I'm not gonna to count to three. I'm not even gonna count to one. You will shut the up or I'll sing you a lullaby!” says this to fat ass, shows how he is quite uneducated by the way in which he speaks.

5 Andy and Hadley in the Roof Top Scene
In spring 1949 the prison agrees to provide prisoners to tar the roof of the license plate factory. Obviously prisoners are keen to leave the prison even if it means hard labour. Whilst on the roof Hadley, the chief of the guards, is telling the other guards how he has been left an inheritance of $35,000 by his wealthy brother. The other guards are enthusiastic for him, however Hadley complains about the tax he will have to pay on the inheritance. Andy approach's Hadley, who nearly throws him off the roof. Buy Andy continues and explains that there is a loophole which allows Hadley to keep his entire inheritance, without paying tax. Andy offers to complete the paperwork in exchange for some beers for his fellow work prisoners. This is a major event in the story as Andy become well regarded with his inmate friends and the guards.

6 Quick Quiz 1. Who did Hadley shoot, because they knew that Elmo Blatch killed Andy’s wife and her lover? 2. Who did Hadley receive his inheritance from, what was he concerned about? 3. How much did Hadley receive from the inheritance? 4. What happened to Hadley at the end of the film? 5. Describe Hadley using three words?

7 Answers 1. Tommy Williams
2. His brother, he was concerned about the tax that he was going to have to pay 3. $35,000 4. He was arrested by the police for murder (ie. Tommy & Fat Ass) 5. Tough, Stern, Staunch, Violent, Uneducated, Selfish, Cruel, Murderer, etc.

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