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ARE YOU A RESPONSIBLE PERSON? Click here for moviemovie.

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1 ARE YOU A RESPONSIBLE PERSON? Click here for moviemovie

2 What should Opie do? What would you do if you were in Opies shoes? Do you think Andy had the correct response toward Opie? What would you do if you were Andy?

3 You will learn what responsibility is and how you can be a responsible person. Here are some ways of being responsible: A responsible person can be depended on to do what he says he will do. A responsible person never blames others for mistakes he makes. A responsible person takes care of her possessions.

4 When you tell someone you will do something, that person is counting on you to do the job the best you can and complete it. If you make a mistake, don't blame others for it. Tell the truth and act responsibly. Being a responsible person also means taking care of your possessions. Cleaning your room, feed your pets and returning library books are all ways of being responsible. ARE YOU A RESPONSIBLE PERSON?

5 WHAT SHOULD THEY DO? Read the following story. Decide what the person should do. Julie is babysitting her 6 year old brother, Bobby, after school one day. Her mom does not want anyone else to come to the house. Sherry, Julie's friend, calls and asks her to come over to her house down the street and listen to a new CD. Julie thinks Bobby will be ok for a little while since he is watching TV anyway. What should Julie do? A)Leave Bobby and go to Sherry's house B) Tell Sherry she can't come because she is babysitting C) Ask Sherry to come to her house

6 WHAT SHOULD THEY DO? Read the following story. Decide what the person should do. David's baseball team has a very important practice tonight. The championship game is only days away and the team is counting on David to practice. At school today, Jill invited David to a party that is also tonight. All his friend's will be there. What should David do? A)Go to the practice B) Go to the party C) Go to the party for awhile and show up late for practice

7 WHAT SHOULD THEY DO? Read the following story. Decide what the person should do. Michelle and her little sister Teresa were cleaning up the dishes after dinner. Michelle accidentally dropped a plate and it broke. Michelle's mom heard the noise, came in the kitchen and asked what happened. Michelle said Teresa broke the plate. Michelle's mom sent Teresa to her room crying What should Michelle do? A) Threaten Teresa and make her say she did it B) Just continue to let her mom think Teresa did it C) Tell her mom the truth

8 WHAT SHOULD THEY DO? Read the following story. Decide what the person should do. Jamie took his brother's bike without permission. He rode the bike to the store to buy some candy. When he went back outside, the bike was gone. What should Jamie do? A)Tell his brother what happened and offer to pay for the bike out of his allowance. B) Pretend he doesn't know anything about the missing bike. C) Say he saw someone else taking the

9 Colin Powell rescued soldiers while he was hurt. Colin Powell has advised presidents in the White House? Colin Powell was not a responsible student in school. Colin Powell was born in Harlem, New York and grew up on the South Bronx. Even though times were hard for him, he worked hard to do well in school. Colin was in the army and served in Vietnam. He rescued soldiers and an officer while he had a broken ankle. Colin Powell has been given many responsibilities as a key advisor to the White House. He gave advice to President Bush during the war in the Persian Gulf. Colin Powell is seen as a responsible man worldwide. Read this story about a responsible American and answer the question that follows. Responsibility Profile

10 Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn, The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn. But where is the little boy tending the sheep? He's under the haystack fast asleep. Will you wake him? No not I, For if I do, he is sure to cry. You probably remember the nursery rhyme about Little Boy Blue. Little Boy Blue fell asleep instead of taking care of the sheep. As a consequence the sheep and the cow were places they shouldn't have been. Always remember every action you take has a consequence whether good or bad. Chose responsible actions.

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