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Community based HIV treatment COBASYS WORKPLAN 3 REACH Trust.

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1 Community based HIV treatment COBASYS WORKPLAN 3 REACH Trust

2 AIM of WP3 Defining a community based care system Through setting up national round tables – Which will help in overcoming barriers and promote sustainability of HIV Treatment – Enhance role of communities in policy dialogue – Enhance role of community in planning and implementation

3 Defining the round table Will build on results and outcomes from WP 2 – Best practices, challenges and how government can involve communities more effectively Will bring together the experiences of different actors Will involve sharing of experiences of Community Based Approach to support HIV services

4 Target Groups for Round table Community Based Organisations Research organisations Training institutions Civil Society groups and NGOs Networks of people living with HIV and AIDS Developing partners District, province, national stakeholders – implementers, policy makers

5 What will be the issues? Defining who are communities/ who are the players? What resources are available to support such structures What are the needs of community actors e.g training Linkages/coordination existing with Ministries of Health and for inter-sectoral actions – nutrition, food security, poverty mitigation, transport etc Type of services to be considered in community based care system Policy for promoting community involvement and how these are translated in implementation

6 Role and responsibility REACH will coordinate with country partners based on results of WP2 and local situation define the meeting agenda for the roundtable Review of existing models of community based care system Liaise with partners on structure of meetings Participate in the roundtable meetings Publish meeting reports in each country with key recommendations for promoting community based health system

7 Expected Deliverables Minutes and Country reports of roundtable discussions Publication of a report of the regional definition of the community based Health systems

8 Awareness campaign on stigma associated with HIV and AIDS Partners to define the local situation for HIV and AIDS related stigma, rights, gender in their countries Country partner identify key stakeholders for the campaign Country partners to identify key messages Define target audience for the messages – local, national level Based on target groups define the appropriate mode of communication Run the campaigns – What should be the timing

9 Expected Deliverables Short publications Leaflets, banners Radio and TV broadcasts Reports of the campaigns

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