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+. + 2 + WHAI Origins A Provincial HIV Initiative for Women 3.

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3 + WHAI Origins A Provincial HIV Initiative for Women 3

4 + The Need A coordinated, province-wide strategy to address increases in HIV among women Ontario Working Group on Women and HIV/AIDS Established by the AIDS Bureau Emerging issues, effective prevention strategies, and the best treatment and support for women living with HIV. 4

5 + Ontario Working Group on Women and HIV/AIDS - Key Findings Women’s HIV vulnerability linked to social determinants of health and individual lived experience Role of local community agencies that serve women - important access point for women Few organizations serving women offered HIV-specific programs and/or developed adequate policies or operational procedures related HIV/AIDS. 5

6 + Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative Established In 2009 The AIDS Bureau funds key communities across Ontario for Women and HIV/AIDS Community Development Coordinator positions Currently, 17 sites across the province are funded through WHAI 6

7 + WHAI – Key Guiding Principles Community Development Social Determinants of Health Harm Reduction Intersectional and Anti-Oppressive GIPA/MIPA 7

8 + WHAI on the Ground WHAI in the Community 8

9 + WHAI in Local Communities Each WHAI Community Development Coordinator housed in local ASO Grounded in local needs, issues and initiatives Collaborate with community organizations to build capacity to respond to women’s HIV-related issues and for integration of HIV into programs and planning Provide consultation and advice around HIV/AIDS to local organizations that serve women Facilitate linkages between local ASOs and service providers 9

10 + Examples of Local WHAI Areas of Focus Housing Pregnancy Poverty/employment Aboriginal issues Settlement/immigration, migrant workers Trans issues Sex workers’ rights Food security Prisons Stigma, racism, homophobia etc. Testing 10

11 + Examples of Local WHAI Activities Health Forums Working Groups/Coalitions/Advisory Groups Trainings for service providers Building inter-agency partnerships Community events Identifying and addressing barriers to access (hospitals, police, testing sites etc) Participating/partnering with other provincial initiatives Local media appearances 11

12 + WHAI and Testing Initiatives A Snapshot 12

13 + WHAI in North Bay, ON WHAI Coordinator: Kathleen Jodouin Housed at AIDS Committee of North Bay Kathleen working with ASO and local Health Unit to address barriers to testing for women 13

14 + WHAI in Peel Region WHAI Coordinator: Tina Obwanga Housed at PHAN (Peel HIV/AIDS Network) WHAI leads testing initiative along with ASO’s HP team to develop testing campaign Raising awareness of HIV testing in Peel region in non-HIV specific sector 14

15 + WHAI in London, ON WHAI Coordinator: Bonnie Baynham Housed at Regional HIV/AIDS Connection ASO involved with ongoing testing initiative “Are You Doin’ It” Promotes and brings awareness of HIV testing to community partners outside HIV-sector 15

16 + WHAI in York Region WHAI Coordinator: Camille Griffith Housed at AIDS Committee of York Region Lead local testing drive in conjunction with community partners at Women’s Community Hub Identified barriers to testing: service providers’ capacity, geography, fear of being identified, effective messaging, reaching women most vulnerable to HIV 16

17 + WHAI in Windsor, ON WHAI Coordinator: Stephanie Green Housed at AIDS Committee of Windsor Works closely with the Blue House Drop-In for Women Introducing monthly POC testing 17

18 + For More Information: Mohini Datta-Ray Manager, Provincial Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (416) 340-8484 x 250 18

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