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Richard Mattson, The Partner Marketing Group Lets Make a Real Plan that Works!

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2 Richard Mattson, The Partner Marketing Group Lets Make a Real Plan that Works!

3 Welcome & Introductions A Glimpse at the Possibilities Businesss mission Back to the fundamentals What makes a great relationship? ContrastSCM vs. CCM A case that worked and one that didnt Phases of a relationship and marketings role in each phase Building a profitable RM program

4 Revenue of a Technology Company Comparing Strong vs. Weak Relationships Source: Proprietary Company Analysis 148% 50% 56% 64%

5 Businesss mission is to grow shareholder value! Businesss mission is to create and serve customers! What is businesss mission?

6 To be successful, businesses must Create and serve customers Grow shareholder value If a business over-emphasizes one at the expense of the other, it may see some short-lived success spikes in the direction of its focus, but it will not survive long term Whazza?! Huh?!

7 Effective Relationship Marketing brings out the humane side of the business. Its about the R in RM! What drives effective RM? Naah! Effective Relationship Marketing relies on really nailing the marketing basics. Its more about the M in RM!

8 Relationship Marketing is not an alternative approach to marketing; it is how effective companies in the 21 st century will market. It calls for making hard, focused marketing decisions such as rigorous customer selection and product portfolio And it calls for infusing your marketing with powerful Human Factors A business that over-emphasizes one at the expense of the other will face sub-optimal performance compared with competitors who balance these dimensions. #%!0#?! Aaaargh?!

9 Understand your current customers Understand how well you are currently serving them Understand your competitors and their customers What are the positives and negatives for you? Refine your customer value strategy going forward Economic segmentation Profitable, unprofitable relationships Customer defections Your strengths and weaknesses What are customers buying, not buying? Differences among your competitors & their customers Where are your competitors successful and not? Why? Gap analysis Competitive opportunity Unmet opportunities How will you adapt? Kinds of customers Nature of offerings

10 Understanding the relationship piece is critical to driving the customer value formula This is where Human Factor Marketing plays Is this going to get all touchy feely? Not with you, bozo brain!

11 What makes a great personal relationship? (Think about your best friends.) What makes a great vendor-customer relationship?

12 Once youve done the work to refine your customer value strategy, you can turn to the Human Factors in marketing. Human Factors activate your communications strategy, bringing the emotional dimension into your strategy. Customer Value + Human Factors = The Total Entity…but it does not describe how to effectively move that Total Entity into the market. That is the job of your Relationship Marketing Strategy.

13 Human FactorHuman Marketing Factor 1. Be Yourself and Be Real! 1. Ensure your company persona is realfully formed, genuine, trustworthy, consistent, and interesting. 2. Find friends where theyre looking for friends like you 2. Prospecting? Put your company out there where prospects are looking for vendors like you. 3. Building RelationshipsTo have a friend, youve got to be a friend 3. Build business relationships, any kind of relationship! 4. If built your friendship around sports, dont assume your friend will like opera 4. Stay relevant; pose new directions only after youve elicited interest

14 Identify some critical characteristics of an effective relationship marketing program?

15 It replaces start-and-stop campaigns with an ongoing engagement process. It becomes the way you go to market. It recognizes that prospects are at varying stages of the buying process at all times (i ncluding those resting customers who have no immediate need). It hinges on trust, providing value, relevance, and synching with customer rhythms. Is he going to get to the point? Soon, I hope!

16 Relevant solution & engagement options Relevant gifts of value

17 Relevant solution & engagement options Relevant gifts of value Timeframeabout a year Relevant business insight Tele check- in Relevant business insight Elicit hidden pains Hold Live Event Deepen Solution Awareness - case study BANT Offer on- demand webcast based on event Business Insight Offer onsite assessment Touches 123 4 5 6 78 Quick customer stories


19 DirectionWhy? Account Value Customers look to vendor for wider range of needs; higher cross-sell, up-sell potential Customer Acquisition Costs Greater customer retention = fewer customer adds required to sustain business levels Increased satisfaction & loyalty = greater advocacy, referrals Account Servicing Costs Fewer customers in transactional learning curve, know processes, less hand-holding Price Sensitivity Less price-shopping, less switching, more willing to reward vendor for effective relationship = brand premium Employee acquisition/retention costs Strong customer relationships fuel enhanced employee satisfaction

20 Shuddup, you idiot!! Is he finally done?!

21 The Partner Marketing Group Virtual Marketing Director Program at Other Services Marketing Resource Desk Marketing Collateral Audit Outsourced Project Management Newsletter content subscription service (coming soon) And more. Free Partner Channel magazine subscription:

22 First 10 attendees from TPE that sign-up on website get a complimentary Marketing Audit Review your existing marketing materials and provide feedback Review and evaluate up to 5 marketing pieces: company brochures sales collateral event invitations direct mail pieces newsletters Sign-up: $750 Value!

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