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Technology Commercialisation System Richard Linley Associate Consultant.

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1 Technology Commercialisation System Richard Linley Associate Consultant

2 IIS - The Company Established 1983 Turnover c. £1 million 2004/05 11 Employees

3 The Services Incubation/Technology Acceleration Innovation & Technology Transfer Regional Economic Development Cluster Development

4 What is TCS? Proven process to guide technology developers to successful product commercialisation A documented framework providing route map, tools, templates, show-how and coaching for case managers and clients

5 What is TCS? A Process for picking winners, analysing and reducing risk A Process for preparing for Private Equity investment

6 Who should use it? Start-up companies Established companies launching new products Universities commercialising technology Technology Accelerators and Incubators

7 Track Record Raised $370 million in 3 Years for 75 start-up companies in one incubator Used in Okalahoma, Kentucky, Arkansas and by NASA Raised $36 million for 16 companies in UK in one year (2 AIM listings)

8 Enables Intellectual Property Ownership Proprietary not commodity Enabling technology not incremental Market disruptive 10x growth factor Low switching cost Low education factor

9 What do Investors Look For? Great deals not good deals Exceptional ROI Dominant competitive advantages Proven management Large and growing markets In their comfort zone Synergy with other portfolio companies

10 When is it used? Company Stage of Development

11 Investigation Feasibility Development Introduction Growth Entrepreneurs – The Agony & The Ecstasy

12 Technology Commercialisation System The Model & The Process

13 Step 16 Business Growth Step 13 Production Step 10 Pre-Prod. Prototype Step 7 Engineering Prototype Step 4 Technical Feasibility Step 1 Technical Analysis Technical Step 17 Market Diversify Step 14 Sales & Distribution Step 11 Market Validation Step 8 Market Plan Step 5 Market Study Step 2 Market Assessment Market Step 1 Investigation Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Feasibility Development Introduction Growth Maturity Technical Due Diligence Contacts Data/ Resources/ Contacts/ Information/ Reports/ Expertise Show-how/ How-to/ Skills Transfer TCS Model & Process Step 18 Business Maturity Step 15 Business Growth Step 12 Business Start-Up Step 9 Business Plan Step 6 Economic Feasibility Step 3 Venture Assessment Business Business Plan Template Quick-look market research

14 The Process – Where Are You Now? TCS Analysis

15 Tools & Show-How for due diligence Confirms the technology works & has market potential Assesses latent risk in business model, market, technology management, execution & funding Provides decision support tools to identify potential winners Technical & Market Due Diligence

16 Commercialisation Work Plan

17 Commercialisation Identifies outputs, resources required, service providers, costs and due dates Keeps client focused Simple planning tool and reference manual Defines tasks to be completed before next funding round

18 Interactive Q & A tool Enables realistic business valuations Highlights areas of risk/improvement Enables client to demonstrate he/she is managing risk and investors money responsibly Business Plan Evaluation

19 Method & Tool to Value the Business pre- funding Discounts the value objectively to give a fair price Enables client to calculate how much equity to offer for the funding they need Puts client in control of the negotiation process Business Valuation

20 Show-how/template and checklist for successful presentation Up to two years work – down to 20 mins 30 seconds to grab the investors attention Get it right FIRST TIME InvestorPresentation

21 CapitalFormation Full completed and documented task history Validated technology in High-growth market Complete management team with track record of succeeding High scoring Business Plan and Business Model

22 CapitalFormation First Sales Exceptional Return On Investment Managed risk profile Realistic discounted valuation Professional presentation = INVESTMENT READY

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