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ICOH – International Commission on Occupational Health

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2 ICOH – International Commission on Occupational Health
Constitution, Article 1, Section 1: The International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) is an international non-profitmaking, non-political, multidisciplinary scientific organisation whose sole purpose is to foster the scientific progress, knowledge and development of occupational health and related subjects on an international basis.

3 ICOH Governmental Partners
World Health Organization International Labour Organization

4 ICOH Non Governmental Partners
International Ergonomics Association International Social Security Association International Occupational Hygiene Association

5 ICOH Sustaining Members
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Germany Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité France Nordic Institute for Advanced Training Finland Liberty Mutual Group USA Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Finland FAS – Swedish Council for Working Life Sweden Prevent Sweden University of Occupational & Environmental Health Japan The Finnish Work Environment Fund Finland The Swedish Work Environment Association Sweden

6 ICOH Officers President Jorma RANTANEN Finland Secretary General
Sergio IAVICOLI Italy ICOH Officers Vice-President Ruddy FACCI Brasil Vice-President Alain CANTINEAU France

7 ICOH Members Profession

8 ICOH Individual* members geographical distribution
*Individual membership: active, honorary, emeritus and retired

9 First International Congress for Occupational Health
1906 Milan First International Congress for Occupational Health Malachia De Cristoforis Foundation of International Permanent Commission for Occupational Health

1906 Milan 2003 Iguassu Falls 1910 Bruxelles 2000 Singapore 1925 Amsterdam 1996 Stockholm 1928 Budapest 1993 Nice 1931 Geneva 1990 Montreal 1935 Brussels 1987 Sydney 1938 Frankfort 1948 London 1984 Dublin 1951 Lisbon 1981 Cairo 1954 Neaples 1978 Dubrovnik 1957 Helsinki 1975 Brighton 1972 Buenos Aires 1969 Tokyo 1966 Vienna 1963 Madrid 1960 New York

11 Education and Training in OH
Scientific Committees Accident Prevention Tore J. LARSSON SWEDEN Aging and Work Willem J.A. GOEDHARD NETHERLANDS Allergy and Immunotoxicology Kanehisa MORIMOTO JAPAN Cardiology in OH Tage S. KRISTENSEN DENMARK Education and Training in OH Bonnie ROGERS USA Epidemiology in OH Hilkka RIIHIMÄKI FINLAND Fibres Utz DRAEGER GERMANY Handicap and Work Patrick LOISEL CANADA

12 Health Services Research Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses
Scientific Committees Health Services Research and Evaluation in OH Kaj R. H. HUSMAN FINLAND History of Prevention of Occupational and Environmental Diseases Pier Albero BERTAZZI ITALY Indoor Air Quality and Health Giuseppe ABBRITTI ITALY Industrial Hygiene Håkan B.T. WESTBERG SWEDEN Musculoskeletal Disorders Thomas LAUBLI SWITZERLAND Neurotoxicology and Psychophysiology Anders IREGREN SWEDEN Occupational and Environmental Dermatoses …To be appointed…

13 Scientific Committees
OH and Development Kaj ELGSTRAND SWEDEN OH for Health Care Workers Gustav WICKSTRÖM FINLAND OH in Agriculture Kelley DONHAM USA OH in the Chemical Industry Stephen W. BORRON USA OH in Small-scale Enterprises and the Informal Sector Wai-On PHOON AUSTRALIA OH in the Construction Industry Cor Van DUIVENBOODEN NETHERLANDS OH in Nursing Jennifer SERFONTEIN SOUTH AFRICA

14 Occupational Toxicology Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace
Scientific Committees Occupational Toxicology Claude VIAU CANADA Organic Dusts Torben SIGSGAARD DENMARK Pesticides J LIESIVUORI FINLAND Radiation and Work David H. SLINEY USA Reproductive Hazards in the Workplace Irene FIGA-TALAMANCA ITALY Respiratory Disorders Sverre LANGÅRD NORWAY Shiftwork Giovanni COSTA ITALY

15 Unemployment and health
Scientific Committees Thermal Factors Ken PARSONS UNITED KINGDOM Toxicology of Metals Monica NORDBERG SWEDEN Unemployment and health Thomas KIESELBACH GERMANY Vibration and Noise Anthony J. BRAMMER CANADA Work and Vision Bruno PICCOLI ITALY Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors Michiel KOMPIER NETHERLANDS

16 ICOH Collaborative Networks
Communication Network Max LUM USA Tobacco Free Workplaces Network Ruddy FACCI BRASIL Training and education (including GOMEC) Network Alain CANTINEAU FRANCE

17 TG Constitution Byelaws
ICOH Task Groups and Committees TG Constitution Byelaws and Guidelines Jorma RANTANEN FINLAND TG on Transparency Petter KRISTENSEN NORWAY TG on Information Suvi LEHTINEN FINLAND TG on Membership Sergio IAVICOLI ITALY TG on Language Matters Tar-Ching AW ENGLAND Finance Committee Tee L. GUIDOTTI USA Centennial Committee Jorma RANTANEN FINLAND

18 Occupational and Infectious Agents
ICOH Working Groups Child Labour Alain Cantineau France Occupational and Infectious Agents Ruddy Facci Brazil Women and Work


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