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Motorola Mobility Management Suite: RF Management

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1 Motorola Mobility Management Suite: RF Management
Motorola Confidential Proprietary MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2005

2 Network Planning and RF coverage validation
Sites are planned with a comprehensive Planning tool Sites are validated using the Site Survey tool The same information can then be used for network management: Fault Configuration Performance Security VALIDATE MANAGE

3 RF Design and Management
LANPlanner SiteScanner RF Management (RFMS) Plan Validate Manage RF WLAN Design WiFi network design and simulation software for remote planning of cost effective, high performance a/b/g networks Wi-Fi Site Survey WiFi site survey software for testing, measurement and visual validation of deployed a/b/g networks. Monitoring and Troubleshooting WiFi monitoring and troubleshooting software for visualizing real-time network data, locating RF infrastructure/clients and identifying rogue APs Benefits Plan networks that meet QoS requirements for wVoIP or business critical Wi-Fi applications Reduce the time and cost required to design and operate a wireless network Leverage site-specific context about the environment and its impact on the wireless signal Understand network health at a glance with key performance indicator (KPI) graphs View the status and location of wireless infrastructure devices and clients, identify rogue APs, troubleshoot network issues, generate reports and export raw data

4 Motorola LANPlanner Benefits
Benefits of LANPlanner Software Create a network that works the first time without suffering from poor coverage, high interference, and end user frustration Confirm that your network is designed to meet the Quality of Service requirements for required user applications (wVoIP, asset tracking, multimedia) Expand and improve your current WLAN network Enable rapid implementation of a high performance network wVoIP Handoff Planning Wi-Fi Coverage

5 Motorola LANPlanner Key Functionality
Auditorium with 50 users who require basic Internet access Thick metal support wall prevents signal from reaching outer cubicles Five Key LANPlanner Functions: Adapt the building model to make it “RF Intelligent” and classify user regions by application Place Equipment Simulate Wi-Fi Network Performance Measure and Validate Deployed Network Optimize and Fine Tune Network Plan Legend: Green = average throughput Yellow = good throughput Red = high throughput Glass windows at entrance cause signal to reach outside the facility into the “Visitor” parking area Additional access point needed to cover southeast wing of building

6 Motorola SiteScanner Benefits
Benefits of SiteScanner Software Record live wireless network data Visualize all Wi-Fi activity present in the deployment environment Identify areas with weak signal coverage or high noise Locate unauthorized or rogue access points (APs) Measurement data can be imported into LANPlanner for network optimization and record keeping A single MAC address selected for visualization Purple dots represent all points where a measurement was recorded The areas in red represent the most likely equipment location The visible signal area has set to -70 dBm or higher

7 Motorola SiteScanner Key Functionality
Four Key SiteScanner Functions: Record live wireless network data Import recorded data from multiple surveyors into a single map Visualize imported and measured data Run measurement reports Good Signal Poor Signal Other Visible Equipment in Deployment Environment Your Network Purple dots represents points where a measurement was recorded


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