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RiT PatchView Solution

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1 RiT PatchView Solution

2 Enterprise End-to-End Infrastructure Management Solution
Planning, provisioning & daily operations Consists of SMART cabling components PVMax intelligent hardware RiT’s software solution suite

3 SMART Cabling System Comprehensive, Reliable, Advanced
Includes a broad range of options for every component Category 6A, 6 and 5e UTP, FTP & STP copper cabling Single-Mode & Multi-Mode fiber optic cabling supporting LC, SC & ST and MT-RJ connectors

4 PVMax Intelligent Hardware
Provides a complete and accurate view of network connectivity Modular design offers optimal solution for any network size Allows the user centralized management of multiple remote locations

5 Software Solution Suite
SDK PV4E RiT’s Dashboard SitePro Report Center SiteBuilder

6 PatchView for the Enterprise (PV4E)
Automates and accelerates some of your most labor intensive activities Makes it easier to monitor & control networked assets Gives you a new level of visibility into datacenter and workspace facilities Provides valuable assistance in regulatory compliance

7 PatchView – How It All Works Together
LAN PV4E Server PV4E Users Scanner TR-PANEL01 Switch TR-PANEL02

8 PatchView – Key Values Areas
Enterprise asset management Infrastructure management Change management Documentation & compliance Daily operation Remote site management Security systems support Network utilization

9 Enterprise Asset Management
Automatic discovery of IP based devices and their automatic mapping to physical location Online tracking of IP based assets by asset type Full graphical view of network assets by location (racks, cabinets, rooms, buildings, sites) Support of asset life-cycle process from commissioning through production to de-commissioning Ability to integrate with workflow and trouble ticketing systems

10 Infrastructure Management Change Management
Automated provisioning mechanism Complete audit trail of planned connectivity & network devices changes Automated Work Order mechanism Multi-select drag-n-drop mechanism Customer specific policies Import/export utilities

11 Infrastructure Management Documentation & Compliance
Comprehensive, easy to maintain infrastructure documentation database Powerful reporting capabilities Intuitive graphical displays of key infrastructure information Assistance in compliance with the demanding regulatory directives (SOX, HIPAA, Basel II…)

12 Infrastructure Management Daily Operations
Automated Provisioning Maintenance Reporting MACs Discovery Import/export utilities

13 Infrastructure Management Incident Management
Early-warning indicators and real-time fault identification & alerts Immediate fault location and guided troubleshooting Highly intelligent personalized alert mechanisms Database update on unplanned MACs

14 Infrastructure Management Security
Physical security in the communications room Prevent access to cabinets and equipment Valuable information for security managers and security systems Physical location of all networked devices in real time Verify user access only to permitted services and VLANs Detect illegal devices and connections and provide guidance for their disconnection Support of authorized list of MAC addresses Creates an Event when unauthorized device is detected

15 Infrastructure Management Remote Site Management
Local Scanner Central management of all remote sites Intuitive user friendly auto guidance at any remote site Remote troubleshooting

16 Network Utilization Comprehensive monitoring of asset utilization for
Switch ports Panel ports Outlets Cabinet space Cabinet power Cabinet environmentals (temp., humidity…) Threshold based utilization alert mechanism Personalized per user Reports and documentation

17 Integration Via RiT’s SDK
Open API and SDK documentation allow for easy integration Based on common tools such as web services Integration packs can be developed by RiT or 3rd party integrators

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