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Website Design Unveiling Operations Meeting 8.16.12.

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1 Website Design Unveiling Operations Meeting 8.16.12

2 Overall Goal Transform website into a user-focused, powerful marketing tool that… C ommunicates Our Brand

3 Defining our Brand Top Attributes Responsive Reliable Experienced Friendly Committed Respected Helpful

4 Defining our Brand Greatest Strengths *Internal – Diversity of Services and Number of Years in Business Responsiveness Quality of Work Expertise Project Management

5 Defining our Brand Key Differentiators Quality of Employees Always Willing to Help One-Stop-Shop for all Disciplines Long Tenure and Deep Understanding of Needs Take Care of Problems and Dont Make Excuses Most Client-Focused Consultant Ive Used

6 Specific Needs Whats most important to clients when visiting websites of firms like RS&H? *Internal – Employment Opportunities Project Examples Info on Markets and Services Detailed Case Studies #1 Write-in Response : How to Contact Staff

7 Specific Needs From an internal perspective… Keep Content Current Needs Modern, Fresh Look Showcase Exceptional Work More Emphasis on Services Highlight Technical Staff

8 Overall Objectives User-focused and Engaging Unified Image – We are RS&H Right Balance: Experience and People Increase Accessibility Position Niche Services Plan for Ongoing Updates







15 No Banner OptionBanner Option (Sub-Service) (Sub-Market)




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