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Scheduling w/Excel Admin Choice for Specials Bob Cornacchioli

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1 Scheduling w/Excel Admin Choice for Specials Bob Cornacchioli

2 Participants will learn: Alternative method of scheduling Mostly elementary schools Learn scheduling language Move from a 1 day/1 period to a M –F schedule with many periods per day. Discuss Mass Enrolling students Target Audience - Admin and Secretaries for more resources

3 Bob Cornacchioli CEO - DERO Technical Services Contractor- PowerDataSolutions - ANCGroup Trainer - Pearson Systems Evangelist/Process Assistant- Level Data Marketing- ParkBench Software Director of Technology and Media Services – Shrewsbury Public Schools (16 yrs) PowerSchool Administrator ( 6 yrs)

4 Filling in the NCAA Brackets - $10 Having Kansas playing an 11 th seed to get in the Final Four- $10 Being in Junction City on the night of the NCAA Championship PRICELESS $@#@#!!!!!

5 Scheduling with Excel Courses - Sections Teachers Numbers - Rooms Days-Expressions - Periods Dependent Sections EOY - Mass Enroll

6 What do you have now?

7 Or this?

8 Convert it to this! Course Name Course Number Term Length Expression- When does it meet? HR(1-6) would place a for each day Teacher Room – Where does it meet? Grade Level – N/A Section Number- VIP!!! Plenty of ideas here!! Max Enrollment Dependent Sections- If enrolled in this class students would also get these courses

9 Bell Schedule Gray means w/HR Teacher PERIODSPERIODS 7(A) 3(C) 3(E) 8(B), 7(D)

10 Unique Course Number Schema 65601 First two digits = Content Area Middle digit = School ID Last two digits = Grade Level Highlands = 0 Smith = 1 Riverside = 2 Thorpe = 3 Great Oak =4 65000, 65001, 65002, 65003, 65004, 65005 65100, 65101, 65102, 65103, 65104, 65105 65200, 65201, 65202, 65203, 65204, 65205 65300, 65301, 65302, 65303, 65304, 65305 65400, 65401, 65402, 65403, 65404, 65405 Can be used for AM/PM K etc This is important for assigning standards to classes as well!

11 Sections Schema Art Music Media PE Morning Meeting

12 Sections Schema: Period-Cycle-HR Art Music Computers PE Homeroom 52101 1 st # = Period 5 2 nd # = Cycle Last 3 #s = HR

13 Bell Schedule Gray means w/HR Teacher PERIODSPERIODS 7(A) 3(C) 3(E) 8(B), 7(D)

14 D ep en de n t Morning Meeting – HR (M-F) When a new student arrives MASS ENROLL into Morning Meeting Section And Students automatically get All Dependent Sections SectionsSections

15 Scheduling Spreadsheet

16 Term ID Term ID = Scheduling Year 2006= 1600, 2009=1900 What if a course last less than a full year, what would the term ID be?

17 Term IDs for Less than Full Year Courses! Full Year Course = 2100 T1 =2101, T2=2102, T3=2103 C1=2104, C2=2105, C3=2105, C4=2106, C5=2107, C6=2108

18 If you are importing – double Full Year Course = 1900 T1 =1901, T2=1902, T3=1903 C1=1904, C2=1905, C3=1905, C4=1906, C5=1907, C6=1908 Your numbers have to match

19 Importing Schedule into PowerSchool 1.Special Functions 2.Importing and Exporting 3.Quick Import 4.Table- Sections (Master Schedule) 5.Find TXT file ( converted XLS file ) 6.Match column names to those in PS

20 Import into the Sections (Master Schedule) Never REMOVE

21 Suggested Field Map Removes Column Headers that were used in Excel Name is not used in PS, but I use it as a visual clue. Do you know your teacher numbers?

22 After Import – RED is BAD! 1.After importing PowerSchool displays a page with your results. 2.RED is an error and it clearly tells you ( HA!) what these mean. Go slow its doable 3.Typical Errors: – Bad teacher numbers – Expression is wrong – Term ID is wrong/not set

23 Mass Enroll: Power of Depend_Sec 95701.1 gets 98701.1,65701.1,70701.1,92701.1,60701.1

24 1. Before EOY, with lists in hand, select current grade level. 2. From the function options choose Select Students by Hand GOT LISTS!

25 WITH LISTS… 1.Hold the Command Key down on a Mac 2.Select each student in Mrs. Jones Grade 1 HR for next year 3.Select Function Options at the bottom

26 Mrs. Jones Grade 1 HR for 2011

27 Accessing Your Stored Selections 1.Stored Selections 2.Check in your selections 3.Go Functions to Mass Enroll AFTER EOY AFTER EOY AFTER EOY

28 Mass Enroll Function AFTER EOY AFTER EOY AFTER EOY 1.Course.Section this identifies your teachers/rooms and periods 2.Enrollment Date – NORMALLY first day of school. 3.This date is always the date of your action, you must change it!

29 Questions and Answers

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