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All-Access: one account managers experience with selling the toolbox Rowen Sandel.

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1 All-Access: one account managers experience with selling the toolbox Rowen Sandel

2 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20142 Disclaimer I dont claim to have all the answers Im still relatively new at this and am still learning In teaching, a good teacher begs, borrows, and steals lessons and procedures from other teachers – thats the idea here Here are insights from my experience Please chime in when you have anything to add

3 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20143 My All-Access Selling Workflow Explore their current situation »Do your Onyx homework »Ask good questions Define their need »Be specific »Ask good questions ***Bring in All-Access*** Demonstrate the value »Spell it out »The tool box is the solution

4 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20144 Explore their current situation Onyx: all the tabs hold valuable information regarding All-Access »Product tab: What do they own, what have they owned and didnt renew in the past, does the same end-user have multiple tools? »Sales tab: What have they downloaded in the past? »Service tab: When is their maintenance due, how much is it for? Quarter check in, are they happy? »Support tab: Are they happy? Quarter Check in – first things first »How is everything going with DBArtisan? Are you happy? Can I help you with upgrading, licensing, support issues, tips and tricks web demo for your team? Any needs? What can I do to help you be more successful? »Build relationship… when you call, its not a sales call, its a check in »Feel their pain… Every time I call you, youre up to your eyeballs in alligators! or Youre like a smoke jumper pushed out of then plane, parachuting down into a raging inferno. »Stroke their ego… Build your Champion… This isnt your first rodeo or Wow, youve a lot on your plate.

5 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20145 Explore their current situation: Questions, questions, questions What else do you have on your plate? Are you also responsible for __________ What do you use for __________ »List of things to put in the blank: performance monitoring, finding performance problems, managing change, keeping all you environments (Dev, Test, QA, Production) stable, Optimizing performance, reverse engineering your schemas, writing queries… Hows that working for you? What other tools do you use in your daily life? How are those working for you?

6 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20146 Define their need Hows that working for you? »What you want to hear: Its a mess. or We dont have anything. or It doesnt really work. What Environments are you responsible for? What mission critical projects are your working on right now? »What you want to hear: Im responsible for production, dev, test, everything, We have a project… It sounds like you are having problems with … we have tools to help you with that and this new licensing system is a great way to get it in house for a low cost… Is their budget to address this need? Who holds the purse strings and/or pulls the trigger? Based on responses, decide: do I plant the seed or go to harvest

7 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20147 Demonstrate the value Tool box, tool box, tool box Focus on the specific tools (and their list value) that solve their needs, dont muddy the water Perpetual licenses, your company owns all these tools in the tool box – they can re-provision it to someone else down the road In ETSM make a quote for just three or four tools within the All-Access that theyre looking at, price comparison is impressive Mention InstantOn and architecture… expand only if they are geeked up on it Solution, solution, solution…

8 Embarcadero Technologies Confidential (INTERNAL USE ONLY)1/3/20148 If you go with All-Access, you wont have to call that wahoo from Quest anymore or sit on hold when you call C.A. … I will be your one account manager Ultra responsive, listening, focused on their needs, finding solutions Reduce the number of vendors… reduce the number of account managers you have. I will coordinate all your interaction with Support, Licensing, Maintenance, everything Sell yourself as part of the package


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