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We all can save the Earth

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1 We all can save the Earth
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle We all can save the Earth Day one- ask

2 Preserving our Physical Environment
We want students to be able to describe ways to conserve and protect resources by reusing, reducing and recycling. Discuss what are resources Obj: to explore ways to conserve and protect our resources Ask—Have you ever wondered what happens to all the trash in the world?

3 What do people recycle? Make a list of all the things mentioned: Paper, wood, plastic, cans, glass, tires, clothes, etc. Introduce the 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

4 Reduce To reduce the size, number, or use of something is very important. Each person in the US produces five pounds of trash per day. When we reduce, we use less of something.

5 Ways to Reduce Use the front and back of your paper
Share paper with a friend Use antibacterial gel instead of water and paper towels Take short showers Use fewer items with wrappers Walk

6 Reduce Means to use less of something.
Use less water, use less plastic or paper, less gas by walking. Vocabulary– depletion, ecology, conservation, going green Visit websites—

7 Reuse To reuse means to put into action or service again.
Instead of throwing some trash away, people can find new ways to reuse it. Many items are reusable. When you reuse it saves Energy, time and fuel.

8 WAYS TO REUSE Use a clean pizza box as an easel.
Make bird feeders out of milk jugs. Compost your lawn clippings and vegetable peels. Pass on clothes you outgrow to siblings and friends.

9 Recycling is a must RECYCLE
Landfills are full of items that could be recycled. Recycling puts objects through a process that allows them to be used again. Recycling is a way to clean and reuse materials. Vocabulary—biodegradable, garbage, conservation

10 Ways to Recycle Recycling make sense and saves dollars-save cans.
Smart—takes less energy to make products from recycled goods—save paper. Save old tires, sneakers, newspapers, glass, vegetable peels, etc.

11 THINK! What are some products in your home made from recycled materials? Takeout pizza boxes, shoe boxes, tickets, toilet paper rolls, car doors, carpet fibers, Wood chips, bags, cereal boxes, furniture, glass bottles etc.

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