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Nosotros commands “Let’s do something!”.

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1 Nosotros commands “Let’s do something!”

2 Nosotros Commands: “Let’s….”
Nosotros commands express the idea of “let’s” do something. The speaker is included. To form these: you take the yo form, drop the O and add the opposite “nosotros” ending (This is the nosotros form of the present subjunctive also!). This goes for irregular “yo” forms as well.

3 Comer como  comamos  Comamos aquí. = Let’s eat here.
Compremos leche. = Let’s buy milk. Poner  pongo  Pongamos la mesa. Let’s set the table.

4 NOTE: -AR and -ER verbs do not stem-change in the nosotros, so you do not change them in the nosotros commands. Pensar is e – ie but becomes  Pensemos volver is o- ue but becomes  volvamos -IR verbs DO stem-change in the nosotros: either to –i or to –u : pidamos, durmamos

5 Ex: Contemos el dinero = Let’s count the money.
(Notice that, although “contar” is a stem-changer, it does not change in the nosotros command form.)

6 To make a nosotros command negative, just add a “no” before it!
Let’s not eat here. = _____________________________ Let’s not do the homework = _____________________________

7 Verbs that end in –car, -gar, -zar are going to change endings to:
Tocar  toquemos, Pagar  paguemos, Almorzar  almorcemos

8 Estar Estemos Dar Demos Ser Seamos Saber Sepamos Ir Vamos (negative is vayamos)

9 *You can also get the meaning “let’s” do something by using “Vamos a” but this can also mean “we are going to talk.” So to be clear, it’s best to use the nosotros command forms. Try these! 1.Let’s do a project. ________________________________________ 2.Let’s not go to the store. ___________________________________ 3.Let’s look for new clothes. ________________________________________ 4.Let’s not cook dinner. ________________________________________ 5.Let’s order food to go (para llevar). ________________________________________

10 Reflexive Nosotros Commands 
When you are using a nosotros command with a reflexive verb: you attach the reflexive pronoun (nos) to the verb, which is conjugated in the nosotros command form. HOWEVER, you must remove the “s” from the nosotros ending and attach the “nos” directly to the end of the conjugated command: Por Ejemplo: levantarse  levantemos - s, + nos = levantémonos. Dormirse  durmamos -s, + nos = Durmámonos (note the accent: an accent needs to be placed over the vowel on the third to last syllable to keep pronunciation consistent.)

11 For negative reflexive nosotros commands, you simply put the pronoun before the command:
Por Ejemplo: bañarse  bañemos  no nos bañemos. Verse  veamos  no nos veamos.

12 IRSE Remember that Vamos is the positive nosotros command: “Let’s go!” so when you make it reflexive (irse = to leave  let’s leave) you attach the “nos” to this form. With the negative nosotros command for irse, just place the pronoun “nos” before the command (vayamos).

13 Vámonos = let’s leave!/ Let’s get out of here!
No nos vayamos! = Let’s not leave!

14 Try these! 1. Let’s brush our teeth! _____________________________________ 2. Let’s wash our faces! ________________________________________ 3. Let’s go to bed early! ________________________________________ 4. Let’s have some fun. _______________________________________

15 5. Let’s love one another. ____________________________________________
6. Let’s support each other. ____________________________________________ 7. Let’s not tell each other gossip. ___________________________________________ 8. Let’s not feel frustrated. ___________________________________________ 9. Let’s not sit down. __________________________________________

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