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Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

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1 Waves and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Ch. 17

2 What is an electromagnetic wave?
A transverse wave A wave that consists of vibrating electric and magnetic fields that move through space at the speed of light.

3 How are they produced? By charged particles being pushed or pulled toward or away from other charged ( + or - ) particles creating the magnetic field.

4 The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Is a complete range of electromagnetic waves placed in order of increasing frequencies. Electromagnetic waves have different wavelengths and different frequencies.


6 Electromagnetic Spectrum
Made up of the following waves and rays Radio waves Microwaves Infrared rays Visible light Ultraviolet light rays X-rays Gamma rays

7 Long wavelength and low frequency, left side, slow
Short wavelength and high frequency, right side, fast Frequency – the number of complete waves that pass through a given point in a certain amount of time. Wavelength – how long or short one wave is.




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