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Management of Engineers and Technology Strategic Planning Group Processes.

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1 Management of Engineers and Technology Strategic Planning Group Processes

2 Principle 2: Seeing the Big Picture Financial goals of business Short and long term Uncertain environment Formulate and carry out plans to Defuse threats Take advantage of opportunities Achieve goals Meet needs of various constituencies

3 Strategic Planning

4 Strategic Plan Vision High organizational values High aspirations for the future Provides inspiration Mission What we do (primary purpose) For whom we do it (customers, stakeholders) How we will get it done

5 Strategic Plan (cont.) Goals Achievable and believable Time target Address mission Objectives Specific, measurable outcomes Help to achieve a goal Identify projects, activities, and tasks

6 Organizational Philosophy Statement of purpose Values – what we stand for Beliefs – what we believe in Goals – what we intend to accomplish May be a better fit for public or non- profit organizations

7 Behavioral Guidelines Policies Guides for decision-making Interpretation and discretion Procedures How things should be done Reviews, approvals, communications Rules Strict, enforceable

8 Planning Under Uncertainty Uncertainty increases into the future

9 Just Try to Hit the Box Mars Rover Landing Site (Gusev Crater) Mars Rover Landing Site (Gusev Crater)

10 Planning Horizon Short-term plans (1 year or less) Detailed Fairly rigid Reflect goals, objectives Long-term plans (3-5 years) Less detail Flexible Reflect vision, mission

11 Agile Planning and Control For projects with high uncertainty Recognize only near-term is predictable Adapt long-term expectations People (not process) oriented

12 Agile Process Clear group mission Ground rules Pursue the mission Interim conditions Periodic reviews Short-term goals Keep people focused Keep customer involved

13 Management of Uncertainty

14 Themes Need to focus the efforts of an organization Strategic planning Organizational philosophy Effects of uncertainty Agile methodologies Engineers are good planners!

15 Group Processes Group problem solving Group decision making Group tasks or projects Communication is vital!

16 Solving Problems – Youre not in college anymore Problems and/or solutions affect many people Many sources of information Much information is missing, uncertain or even conflicting No single, deterministic solution Many or no solutions None are perfect

17 Identify the Problem Focus on the problem, not solutions Interview all key people Collect all pertinent information Organize your results Post-it notes Cause-effect diagram Cull excess junk

18 Cause-Effect Diagram

19 Identify Solutions Feasibility check Brainstorming Combinations Vendors/consultants Think about Risk/reward Evolution/revolution

20 Evaluate Alternatives Determine criteria Vision-mission-goals Economics-Ergonomics-Environment Decision support models Mathematical (weighted matrix) Statistical (decision tree, DOE) Computer (simulation, 3-D) Physical (prototype, mock-up)

21 Make Decision Determine primary and backup solutions Consider evolution over revolution Develop implementation plan Deliverables Phases Departments/specialties Systems/subsystems

22 Follow-up Did the solution work as expected? Is the problem solved? Were cost/time/resources in line? Was the decision process flawed? Evaluation criteria Generation of alternatives Decision model

23 Summary Communication is the key to group processes Large or dispersed groups require formal procedures Input to and agreement on vision, mission, goals, and evaluation criteria is vital Leaders participate in and facilitate effective group processes

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