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Performance Management and Strategic Planning: Overview

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1 Performance Management and Strategic Planning: Overview
Definition and Purposes of Strategic Planning Linking Performance Management to the Strategic Plan Strategic Planning Developing Strategic Plans at the Unit Level Job Descriptions Individual and Team Performance Building Support Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

2 Strategic Planning: Definition
Process Describe organization’s destination Assess barriers Select approaches for moving forward Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

3 Strategic Planning: Goal
Allocate resources to provide organization with competitive advantage Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

4 Strategic Planning: Purposes
Help define the organization’s identity Help organization prepare for the future Enhance ability to adapt to environmental change Provide focus and allow for better allocation of resources (continued on next slide) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

5 Strategic Planning: Purposes
Produce an organizational culture of cooperation Allow for the consideration of new options and opportunities Provide employees with information to direct daily activities Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

6 Strategic Planning : Overview
Environmental Analysis Mission Vision Goals Strategies Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

7 Environmental Analysis
Identifies external and internal trends To understand broad industry issues To make decisions using “big picture” context Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

8 External trends Opportunities: Threats:
environmental characteristics that can help the organization succeed Threats: environmental characteristics that can prevent the organization from being successful Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

9 External trends – Factors to Consider
Economic Political/legal Social Technological Competitors Customers Suppliers Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

10 Internal trends Strengths: Weaknesses:
internal characteristics that the organization can use for its advantage Weaknesses: internal characteristics that can hinder the success of the organization Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

11 Internal trends – Factors to Consider
Organizational structure Organizational culture Politics Processes Size Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

12 Gap Analysis Analyzes: External environment Internal environment
(opportunities and threats) vis-à-vis Internal environment (strengths and weaknesses) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

13 Gap analysis determines:
Opportunity + Strength = Leverage Opportunity + Weakness = Constraint Threat + Strength = Vulnerability Threat + Weakness = Problem Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

14 Strategic Planning for the Organization
Environmental and Gap Analyses provide information for organizations to decide: Who they are What they do Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

15 Mission A good mission statement answers:
Why does the organization exist? What is the scope of the organization’s activities? Who are the customers served? What are the products or services offered? Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

16 Mission Statement contains:
A. Information on organization’s Basic product/service to be offered Primary market/customer groups Unique benefits and advantages of product/services Technology to be used Concern for survival through growth and profitability Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

17 Mission Statement may contain:
B. Information on organization’s values and beliefs Managerial philosophy Public image sought by organization Self-concept of business adopted by Employees Stockholders Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

18 Vision Statement of future aspirations
Focuses attention on what is important Provides context for evaluating Opportunities Threats Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

19 A Good Vision Statement is:
Brief Verifiable Bound by a Timeline Current Focused Understandable Inspiring A stretch Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

20 Purposes for Setting Goals
Formalize expected achievements Provide motivation Provide tangible targets Provide basis for good decisions Provide basis for performance measurement Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

21 Strategies Create strategies or Game Plans or “How to” procedures to address issues of: Growth Survival Turnaround Stability Innovation Leadership Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

22 How the HR Function contributes:
Communicate knowledge of strategic plan Provide knowledge of KSAs needed for strategy implementation Propose reward systems Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

23 Strategic Plans at the Unit Level
Organization Mission statement, Vision statement, Goals, and Strategies Must clearly align with And be congruent with Every Unit Mission statement, Vision statement, Goals, and Strategies Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

24 Alignment of Strategic Plan with Performance
Organization’s Strategic Plan Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategies Critical to involve all levels of management Unit’s Strategic Plan Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategies Job Description Tasks, KSAs Critical to involve all employees Individual and Team Performance Results, Behaviors, Developmental Plan Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

25 Job Descriptions Tasks and KSAs are congruent with Organization and Unit strategic plans Activities described support mission and vision of Organization and Unit Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

26 Individual and Team Performance
Organization and Unit mission, vision, goals lead to Performance management system, which Motivates employees Aligns development plans with organization priorities Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

27 Strategic Plan  Choices in PM System Design
Criteria (Behavior vs. Results) Participation (Low vs. High) Temporal Dimension (Short Term vs. Long Term) Level of Criteria (Individual vs. Team/Group) System Orientation (Developmental vs. Administrative) Rewards (Pay for Performance vs. Tenure/Position) Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

28 Building Support – Answering “What’s In It for Me?”
Top Management: Help carry out vision All levels: Involvement Participation Understanding Prentice Hall, Inc. © 2006

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