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Acupuncture Courseware for VIP Members

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1 Acupuncture Courseware for VIP Members
Series 2: Beauty and keep fit Ear Points for LOSING WEIGHT(Ⅰ) Editor : L.AC. Guoyijun Copyright © Acutimes Inc. All Rights Reserved

2 Introduction TCM holds that the ear is not an isolated organ. It is a small whole with close relations with zangfu organs through channels and collaterals. The physiological functions of zangfu organs can be regulated by pressing the ear points.

3 Mechanism of Ear Points for Losing Weight
Clinically, most patients’ hungry feeling can be reduced by pressing the ear points before meals or when feel hungry. With the treatment the patients feel relaxed in the body and the weight can be reduced. The practice proves that to lose weight with ear-therapy is a simple and effective way.

4 Ear Points

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Internal Genitalia Middle Cymba Conchae Large Intestine Stomach Small Intestine Spleen

6 Explanations of Ear Points
1. Brain Stem: on the medial side of antitragus. This is high centre of vegetative, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, with the regulating functions for the viscera. It can regulate the body temperature, food-intake, endocrine system and emotional reactions, indicated in simple obesity and dysfunctions of endocrine. 2. Subcortex: on the medial side of antitragus, at the lower 1/3 of the midline. It can excite the cortex of brain

7 Explanations of Ear Points
3. Endocrine: at the base of cavum conchae in the intertragic notch. It is indicated in the diseases caused by the dysfunctions of endocrine system, such as obesity. 4. Middle Cymba Conchae: in the center of Cymba Conchae. It can induce diuresis to treat edema. 5. Shenmen: in the triangular fossa. It functions to calm the mind.

8 Explanations of Ear Points
6. Internal Genitalia: in the depression of the center of the anterior 1/3 of the triangular fossa. It is indicated in dysfunctions of endocrine system, dysmenorrhea, seminal emission, and premature ejaculation, etc. 7. Forehead: at the anterior inferior corner of lateral aspect of antitragus. It is an important point for promoting the functions of brain and clearing the mind

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