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How to use Vivo Miles A Student Guide.

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1 How to use Vivo Miles A Student Guide

2 What is Vivo Miles? Vivo Miles is the new way to be rewarded as you progress through school life Teachers will award you with electronic points called Vivos – the new student currency You can then spend your Vivos on an exciting range of products on the website You will be given a personalised Vivo card, very much like a bank card You can check how many Vivos you have been awarded by logging on to your account through the website

3 Earning Vivos You will be able to earn Vivos for all kinds of things, including: Being respectful and polite Fully completing homework Helping and aiding a member of staff Positively contributing to the class Being on track to meet your target level Participating in extra-curricular or lunchtime activities

4 Spending Vivos And spend them on . . .
Top-up credit and high-street gift vouchers Cinema tickets Jewellery and watches Sports equipment Health and beauty items School and stationery products Computer games and electronic gadgets

5 Using Vivo Miles The next few slides will take you through how to use the system, specifically how to: log-on check how many Vivos you have been awarded, by which teacher and for what purchase a product from the Vivo Shop

6 How to log-on Go to
Enter your username, password and domain as indicated on your welcome letter Click on the login button When logging-on for the first time, you will be prompted to enter an address so we can send you a reminder should you forget your login Remember to change your password to something more memorable and keep it safe!

7 What you’ll see when logged in
Your Vivo Balance The Vivo Shop Look out for ways of earning extra Vivos Register for automatic text alerts on your Vivo balance Compare how well you’re doing compared to your peers

8 Viewing your Rewards To view a full list of the rewards that have been credited to your account, click on the Transactions tab on your homepage. You will be able to check which teachers have awarded you how many Vivos for what on which day. Any shop purchases will appear as a debit on your statement.

9 Purchasing a Product When you have earned enough Vivos for a particular product that you want, click on the Buy button next to that product. You will be asked to enter your card number as well as random letters of your Vivo password, just like a normal online payment. Your item will be delivered to you at the school the same week, as long as you order by a Tuesday midday. Larger items arrive in the form of a product specific voucher which you will need to take to any Argos store to claim your prize.

10 And finally . . . We hope you find Vivo Miles an exciting and relevant way to reward your hard-work, effort and contribution to the school If there are any other items that you would like to see in the shop but we’ve left out, then please let us know by ing Thank you and GOOD LUCK! And remember: Every Vivo Matters!

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