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Local Authorities as Employers Hattula – Nyahururu - Janakkala.

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1 Local Authorities as Employers Hattula – Nyahururu - Janakkala

2 Gender equality in working life Reconciliation of work and family life Efficient childcare system arranged by the municipalities and private entrepreneurs Flexible working hours, parental leaves - also for fathers Same pay for same work Getting there… Equal opportunities for training and education Equal opportunities for starting business

3 The approach to tourism Tourism is a labour-intensive industry providing numerous workplaces, e.g. in tourism industry in Finland the major part of employees are women Numerous opportunities for micro-, small- and medium- sized businesses In Häme region the basic idea for tourism development is that the municipality is not the service-provider, but promoter of the product and service development. Häme region’s municipalities contribute to the tourism by building up an attractive image for the area

4 HATTULA-NYAHURURU- JANAKKALA - Co-operation structure includes four components: -Education -Environment -Tourism -Administration - The administration works as crossectional support component in close co-operation with other three components which concentrate in sectoral development.

5 Tourism component The main objective is to increase capacity and knowledge of the political decision-makers, employees and entrepreneurs in this particular field and thus find new innovative and creative ways to promote entrepreneurship, creation of new workplaces and vocational training. Tourism industry can serve as an effective source of income for the area. The co-operation between the three municipalities benefits all parties, as the development need in the tourism is constant in the area of Häme in Finland as well.

6 Activities To produce a large scale business plan for tourism framework allowing equal opportunities for all To arrange mutual training for product / service design, project management, marketing and business planning. To promote co-operation network consisting of service providers, decision-makers, training organizations and organizations providing funding. To build capacity to develop and maintain attractive infrastructure and environment for residents, tourists and investors. To promote marketing of the tourism activities To increase awareness of Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration

7 Expected results Business and marketing plans for the tourism industry to serve as effective tools and guidance maps when building up the entity of tourism industry. Attractive environment for residents, companies and investors in tourism sector. This means e.g. green areas, developed infrastructure, etc. Active participation of the local communities in the management of the sites Capacity building / training programme providing equal opportunities (business advisors, tour operators, customer service, etc)

8 State-of-Art The work has only just started Planning phase till the end of August Active communication between the municipalities Work visits, emails Piloting for a common database in the autumn Investors and third sector included with high interest Network is widening accordingly 19.8.20148

9 Thank you!

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