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Welcome a warm guidance! All the staff of Shenling Corporation.

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1 Welcome a warm guidance! All the staff of Shenling Corporation


3 Profile of the company Shenling company is another technology park The Happy Group invented in kunshan city of Jiangsu province in 2007---Shenling Science and Technology Parks. We mainly do business in the product of parts in telecommunication, IT, cars, home appliances and mould design,manufacture and sales. The company will develop continuously upholding the business philosophy of the group honesty innovation and breakthrough. The park covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with one-stop service system of R&D centers, die, stamping, painting, assembling of plastic parts and so on. The first project has been put into operation and the whole parks will be finished by the end of 2008. Based on east China, the company is planning to provide the worldwide customers with R&D and manufacturing services. Managed freely by the top management team, we are focusing on training various professionals who are willing to participate in the management team, creating a first-class R&D manufacturing and sales. As an advanced R&D and manufacturing enterprise with advanced technology and good quality, consuming electronic products, it is trying best to achieve the objective of sustainable development.

4 June,1993 The Happy Group founded Shenzhen Hengchang Hing Industrial CO.,Ltd., mainly produce Japan HITACHI Die steel. May,1999 Hengchang (kunshan) Precision Mode CO.,LTD. was founded, mainly produce mould steels and mould machining. July,2002 Hengchang (kunshan) fund for extending the mould factory. March,2004 Hengchang(kunshan) add fund once more,establish Metals Press Factory,mainly produce computer engine and other metals. July,2005 Enlarge the Press Factory, the punching Machine add to 53 set. newly added terminal, household appliances and other business projects. Apirl,2006 Add assemble production line and rinse production line. History of the group

5 September,2006 Expand production capacity, add precision mould equipment. October,2006 Add cooling modules and K/B operational projects. March,2007 Establish Shenling Science and Technology Parks, and start building in June. March,2008 Shenling Science and Technology Parks finished A project, and begin production. April,2008 Shenling Science and Technology Parks import ISO14000,TS16949 and ISO9000 system. History of the group

6 The planning structure of shenling technology park Stamping plant warehouse Office building Mould plant Plastic plant Painting plant Assembling plant Living area Address:No.3199 of bei men road Covering area 100acres, construction area:50000 square meter 6 plant buildings.1 office building. 1 staffs living building.

7 Structure of the company Chairman QA Department Services Department Manufacturing Department General Merchandise Department Management Office General Manager

8 Precision mould

9 Main customers customerMain productscustomerMain products FoxconnNB stampingsHongzhun Mould and mobile phone stampings Zaochuan(Japan) Mould and electronic hardware Dafang ElectronK/B plate BOE(Sino-Japan)Backlight Jingyuan Computer NB K/B plate and mobile phone stampings Angao Mechanical(Fran ce) Automobile stampings Qunguang Electron K/B plate VAST(America) Vehicle safety system stampings Chengjie Computer Computer metals YIsheng Mechanical TV plate Zhaowang Science and Technology NB Hinge Juzhong Electron Rejection of heat of module Yongye ElectronComputer engine Hongguang Precision Printer and Photocopiers stampings Zhongda ElectronComputer engine

10 Business Lines 1. Mould Steel The company distributed the Japanese Hitach mould steel over the years, we obey the purpose of good quality and low price,the steel come from the formal factory and the source of goods are stable, we have deeply trust of the mould industry. 2. Mould Design and Manufacture The company will follow the customers chart file and suggestions, according to different materials special function,production quantity to design the mould. We use the import precision machine to make the mould. We will try our best to make the customer got the perfect production. 3. Precision Metals Press The companys high-speed precision stamping equipment for customers shrapnel, terminal and etc. With precision biaxial and uniaxial press equipment to produce various precision metals production for customer, they are widely used on cameral parts, mobile phone parts, notebook parts and the household appliances parts, completely understand and assure the productions special peculiarity and demand to satisfied the customer.

11 Quality control IQC Mould debugging Material warehouse First case confirmed Raw material Material from Stamping production Packaging group FQC Return rework Improve the poor IPQC Semi-finished warehouse OQC Surface treatment Return treatment Improve the poor Mould repair group IPQC Finished warehouse Services OQC Shipment

12 Quality control (Equipment) 50 ratio projector Separation card Vernier caliperHeight compass Master gauge

13 Machining Equipment 1 Precision equipment Professional skill Professional skill Best quality Best quality Sodick Joint venture Susan cutting machine 0.005mm Japan import Sodick cutting machine 0.0025mm Taiwan zhunli precision grinding 0.002mm

14 Machining Equipment 2 Taiwan Youjia CNC processing centre Taiwan KENT plane precision grinding

15 Equipment of the Factory-1 The stamping line of Project die Packaging line200 Ton progressive line The stamping line of progressive die

16 Production equipment Tonnage of the punch (T)Quantity Auxiliary for design change Quantity 300T 5 Automatic washing machine 1 250T 2 Manual washing machine 1 200T 20 Multi-axis drilling machine 4 160T 23 Spot welding machine 2 110T 31 Rivet machine 3 80T 17 The unit machine of sending feed 10 60T 11 Mould equipment Quantity 45T 1 CNC 1 45T (high speed ) 2 CNC milling machine 5 Testing equipment Quantity Rocker drill 5 The projector 3 Fast wire 3 3D 1 Wire walking 6 Small grinder 12 Big water grinder 5 Side milling 1 Gantry milling 1

17 Product Lines –Mobile phone and shrapnel TW-150SVC washing machines parts Toshiba household dishwasher Korea LG Vacuum cleaner stainless steel soleplate

18 Product Lines -Computer

19 Product Lines –Mobile phone and shrapnel

20 welcome a guidance here!

21 Location of the company

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