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Save these file as a web page

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1 Save these file as a web page
Ans:File menu---- Save as web page----Click Save

2 Make the selected text upper case
Ans:Format menu ---Change case ---- Select UPPERCASE Click Ok.

3 Delete the selected text using the keyboard
Ans: Click On Delete from the keyboard

4 Insert a new column to the left of selected column
Ans:Click on the small arrow in this icon choose Insert column to left

5 Modify the border style of the selected row to double lines
Ans: Click on the small arrow in this icon and choose---

6 Apply Simple 3 to this table
Ans:Click on this icon Choose Simple3

7 Select the Chart to Remove it
Ans:Click on the Chart

8 Save these Document as Rich Text Format
Ans:File menu------Choose Save as----- in save as type section--- Choose Rich Text Format

9 Change the name of the document to Koko
Ans:File menu------Choose Save as----- in File Name section--- Type KoKo------click Save

10 Change the Default file location to Desktop
Ans:Tools menu------Choose Option-----File location Tab---- Click On Modify----In look in section----Choose Desktop—Click OK----Click Ok

11 Use Microsoft word help to access information on bullets and numbering ?
Ans:Help menu----Microsoft word help----Index tab----Type bullets and numbering ----Click search

12 Remove the standard toolbar from the Microsoft word application window ?
Ans:View menu-----uncheck the Standard

13 Change the view mode for this document to Web Layout
Ans:View menu----- Web Layout

14 Switch to the other open document production
Ans:Window menu-----Click Production

15 Insert the Trademark symbol at the insertion point
Ans:Insert menu----Symbol-----Select the Trademark symbol Click insert----close

16 Select only the 3rd sentence for example … in the above text
Ans:Use click and drag to select the sentence

17 Move the selected word supports and paste it between the words system and operations
Ans:Edit menu---- Click Cut ----put the cursor after the word system--- Edit menu---Click Paste

18 Use the find and Replace dialog box to find the word brown in this document
Ans:Edit menu--- Find--- in find what section----Type brown ----Click find next

19 Make border to the selected text
Ans:Format menu ---Border and shading-----Borders Tab— In Setting section -----Select Box-----Click Ok

20 Click the toolbar button that would enable you to Copy format of the selected text and apply that format to the text the quick brown fox Ans: Click on the format painter tool from the standard toolbar

21 Create a new Paragraph between the heading and main body text on this document
Ans: Put the cursor after Windows XP brims with new features----Press Enter from the keyboard

22 Apply the right indent to 2” to this paragraph.
Ans: Format menu --- Paragraph--- in the indentation section --- in Right section Choose Click ok

23 Make the selected text into a default bulleted list.
Make the selected text into a default bulleted list. Ans:Format menu Bullets and Numbering Bulleted Tab Choose the first bullet

24 How can you insert a Soft Carriage retuen
(line break)at the insertion point. Ans:Insert menu Break In Break types Section Select Text wrapping break Click ok

25 How you can modify the top margin of This document to 1”?
Ans:File menu page setup margin Tab in the Top margin section select Click ok

26 How you can insert manual page break at the insertion point in the document?
Ans: Press the Ctrl + Enter Keys from the keyboard

27 How you can change the text in header to The start option?
Ans: View menu Header and Footer Select the word menu and Write the word option

28 Insert the date in the top left header in this document?
Ans: View menu-----Header and footer----Click on this icon Click Close

29 Select the entire table?
Ans:Click on this icon

30 Delete the selected raw and all of its contents
Ans: Table menu Choose Delete Then Click Rows

31 A graphic file named bird
A graphic file named bird.jpg is in my document insert this image into the document at the flashing insertion point Ans: Insert menu Choose Picture Click From file----- in look in section Select My Document Select the bird.jpg and click ok

32 Copy selected image from Meeting and paste it into Document2,which is already open
Ans: Edit menu Click copy-----In the taskbar Click on the Document Edit menu-----Click paste

33 Delete the selected graphic on screen.
Ans: Edit menu Click clear

34 Merge this Main Document with its Data Source to
create a new merge document Ans:Click on this icon in merge to section Choose New document----Click Merge

35 Use Microsoft Word’s Spell Check facility to correct
the spelling of the selected word Note: The correct spelling of the word is features Ans:Tools menu Spelling and Grammar----In suggestion Section Choose the correct spelling Click Change

36 Print 2 copies of the current page of this document
Ans: File menu----Choose print----- in page range section select current page----and in the copies section Choose 2---- press ok

37 Change the default user name for this application to Ahmed Mohamed
Ans: Tools menu------Choose option------Click user information tab In name section Type Ahmed Mohamed-----Click ok

38 Insert first Name merge field after the word Dear in this letter
Ans: put pointer after word dear Click on this icon Select FirstName field

39 Use the formatting option that would make the selected text look like this: 2 nd
Ans:Format menu---- Choose font-----in effects section check superscript------Click ok

40 Display the non-printing point on this document
Ans: Click on this icon

41 Change the selected row height to be 2.5
Ans:Table menu-----Choose Table Properties------Row Tab---- in specify height section choose Click OK

42 Automatic hyphenate this document
Ans:Tool menu----Choose language------Hyphenation-----Check automatically hyphenate document-----Click ok

43 Change this selected paragraph to be coordinator on the two sides
Ans:Format menu-----Choose paragraph------in alignment section Select justified----Click ok .

44 Create a new blank document
Ans:File menu-----New----Select Blank document-----Click ok

45 Save this document as Meetings on desktop
Ans:File menu-----save as---in save in section Select desktop------ in file name section Type Meetings ----Click Save

46 Open the document Meetings that is in the current
folder entitled Meeting Ans:File menu-----Open---Select Meetings----Click open

47 Close the open document without closing the application
Ans:File menu-----Close

48 Change the view mode for this document to Normal view
Ans:View menu-----Normal

49 Type the following text into this document:
We have to meet to solve our problems Ans:Type We have to meet to solve our problems

50 Select the first letter in the above text,which is the capital W.
Ans: Use the mouse to select the letter W

51 Cut the selected text from Meetings
Cut the selected text from Meetings.doc and paste it into Document2,which is already open Ans:Edit menu----Cut----Click on Document2----Edit menu----Paste

52 The above graphic has just been pasted into the document.
Use the Undo Command to reverse this action Ans:Edit menu----Undo

53 Use the Find and Replace dialog box to automatically replace all instances of the word dog with the word cat Ans:Edit menu----Replace----in find what section Type dog ----in Replace with section type cat----Click Replace All

54 Change the font size of the selected text to 12 point
Ans:Format menu----font----in size section Select 12

55 Make the selected text underline
Ans:Format menu----font----in underline style-- Select the first line

56 Align the selected text so both edges are straight
Ans:Format menu-----Choose paragraph------in alignment section Select justified----Click ok .

57 Change the line spacing for the selected text to 1.5 lines
Ans:Format menu-----Choose paragraph------in Line Spacing section Select Click ok .

58 Change the name Hamada to Hamadah in the To: field of this fax.
Ans:Type the letter h at the end of the word hamada

59 Change Saturday to Monday in the Re: field of this fax.
Ans:Select Saturday and Type Monday

60 Use the Change Case dialog box change the selected
text to Sentence case. Ans:Format menu--- Change case ---- Select UPPERCASE ---- Click Ok.

61 Make hanging indent 1” from the left margin of this document
Ans:Format menu-----Choose paragraph------in Special section Choose Hanging-----in By section Choose 1----Click ok

62 Change the page size for this document to A4
Ans:File menu----Click Page Setup----Paper Size tab---in paper size section----Select A4----Click OK

63 Insert page numbers into the bottom left corner of all
pages in this document Ans:Insert menu-----Page Numbers----in Alignment section ----- Select left-----Click Ok 

64 Use the Insert Table toolbar button to add 2 columns wide by 4 rows deep to this document
Ans: use this icon from the standard toolbar

65 Add orange shading to the selected cells.
Ans: Format menu Choose border and shading----- Shading Tab------Select the orange color from the Fill section----- Press ok

66 Drag each of the labels to the appropriate graphic

67 Main Document Data Document Form Letter Form Letter Data Document Main Document

68 Which two of the following statements about proofreading are true?
1-Carrying out a spell check means you don’t have to proofread a document. 2- Print preview lets you see how text and graphics will look when printed.

69 Choose the option that enables you to select an existing
source as the data file for this mail merge Ans:Click on this icon Choose Open Data Source

70 Add the selected word to the custom dictionary
Ans:Tools menu Spelling and Grammar----Click Add

71 Print two copies of this document using the Apollo P2200 printer
Ans:File menu Print---in printer section Select Apollo P2200 -----in number of copies section Select Click Ok

72 Insert 20 into the Age column for Ahmed
Move to the next cell when you finished Ans:Type Press Tab from the keyboard

73 Insert the merge field called WorkPhone at the insertion point
Ans: Click on this icon Select WorkPhone field

74 Click the toolbar button that would enable you to Preview Multiple pages
Ans: Click on this icon

75 Add word control between start and menu
Ans: Put pointer after the word Start----Type the word Control

76 Change the border color of the selected row to orange
Ans: Click on this icon Select orange color

77 Click Here If you wished to change the height of the Selected picture without changing its width,where would you click to begin?

78 Add a decimal tab stop at 4’’ on the ruler
Ans: Format menu-----Choose Tab----in Tab stop section Type 4----in Alignment section Check on Decimal----Click set----Click ok

79 Use the appropriate toolbar option to Change the style of the selected text from Heading1 to Normal
Ans: Choose from this icon Normal

80 Remove the line between the above two paragraphs to make them one paragraph
Ans: Click Backspace key from the keyboard

81 In this form letter Merge all the record and shorter address will print without leaving white spacing Ans:Click on Merge-----in Records to be merged Check All-----in When merging records section ----- Check on Don’t print blank lines when data fields are empty

82 Add a new line between the above two paragraphs
Ans:Insert menu Break In Break types Section Select Text wrapping break Click ok

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