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1 EagleEye Director. Win Every Deal with EagleEye Director.

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1 1 EagleEye Director

2 Win Every Deal with EagleEye Director

3 3 EagleEye Director 80% of all communication is non-verbal Seeing distinct facial expressions and reading subtle body language is critical to absorbing the message Organizations deploy telepresence solutions to fill these voids in communicating over distance Yet all too often, participants are lost in a crowded room, off camera or too small to really interpret Many users will not pick up the remote control to properly frame participants in the room The meeting continues…but the communication falters Communicating Over Distance

4 4 EagleEye Director Experience in a typical video conference is rarely optimum Cameras are zoomed-out to show whole room during entire meeting Communication is impersonal, unnatural and not fully productive Adjusting the camera interrupts natural flow and can often be difficult The Challenge for Your Customer Impersonal

5 5 EagleEye Director Immersive Experience Personalizes Everyday Telepresence Conferencing Delivers a groundbreaking shift in the telepresence experience Affordably transforms every telepresence meeting into an immersive experience with close-up views of every speaker – regardless of their position in the room Leverages patent-pending innovation – only from Polycom – to accurately locates active speakers by voice triangulation and face-finding techniques – system acts as the production director Training becomes more engaging, user adoption increases and delivers faster ROI Polycom EagleEye Director

6 6 EagleEye Director High impact engagement and focus Unlike outdated solutions there is nothing special for users to wear or do System will find voice, detect facial features and properly zoom in and frame the active speaker Dual-camera Director will automatically position one or more active speakers properly in the field of view Unique, Personalized Experience – Only from Polycom Direct Impact Impersonal

7 7 EagleEye Director Seven microphone array built into the EagleEye Director quickly and accurately triangulates on the active speaker Unlike any other, EagleEye Director will seamlessly transition between active speakers giving up- close views, complete perspective of the room and a breakthrough studio production feel to the conference Accurate Voice Detection

8 8 EagleEye Director Importance of Facial Detection Active algorithms accurately find active speakers in room Innovative face-finding detects eyes, nose and mouth – eliminates false positives from audio waves bouncing Automatically determines if speaker is talking to far-end Director makes smooth, clean transition to the speaker

9 9 EagleEye Director EagleEye Director with HDX Room Systems Affordable, Personalized Telepresence Leadership Time-critical executive communications have greater impact with immersive experience Team meetings are more productive when workgroups have improved understanding through personalized communications Remote education loses distance when students and instructor can interact and move naturally – and not be tied down by the technology

10 10 EagleEye Director Polycom: Delivering UC Innovations with Purpose Polycom is delivering groundbreaking innovation that resolves an age- old usability issue that has been ignored for too long Polycom is the ONLY manufacturer to offer this level of enhanced, personalized, telepresence communication where every speaker in the room is seen up-close, expressive and direct Intelligent Polycom solutions allow users to remain 100% focused on their communications and participate fully in their meeting – enhancing training and increasing user adoption and ROI Other, outdated tracking systems are really not viable options – requiring users to deploy special IR targets with limited and often ineffective tracking to just a single speaker

11 11 EagleEye Director Over 100K HDX units shipped! 100K potential EagleEye Director sales! Early customer exposures: 100% positive! EagleEye Director improves the conference experience for every user Competition has NO competitive response Hunting season is open – any only you can hunt! Perfect opportunity to talk Polycom innovation with existing or potential new customers Retire Quota Quickly and Easily! $14,999 LIST price x Number of HDXs = Quota RETIRED! EagleEye Director – Massive Door Opener!

12 12 EagleEye Director Who is your customer for EagleEye Director? Enterprise Users will better comprehend their colleagues by being able to see the non-verbal cues change the paradigm of what people expect in a standard video conference Increased usability will create a faster ROI EagleEye Director will have a direct-impact on users immediately Education Students become active participants – increases comprehension and classroom cohesion Instructors and teachers can concentrate on the business of education and not have to worry about fumbling with technology Honors Program 100,000+ HDX users EVERYONE can benefit from the improved conference experience

13 13 EagleEye Director Questions for Success Yes to any of these questions is a reason to look at EagleEye Director! Does your customer: Use video for group video calls? Use video for training? Desire a better experience during video calls? Wish they could see the far side better – facial expressions, etc Wish they had increased comprehension during a video call? Want better engagement and productivity in their video meetings? Hate using remote controls or rely on a 3 rd party to assist? Want to increase usability and have a quicker ROI?

14 14 EagleEye Director Your Competition Cisco/Tandberg | LifeSize | Others Have NO direct competitive solution that offers the same experience Cisco has auto centering which will try to frame the participants in the shot one time to give best view of conference room (not locating) LifeSize and others rely on manual intervention Vaddio (Multiple systems available) Trackview HD1 Track to target on person Track to preset locations (mechanical) Cost - $11,995 Vaddio is an Arena partner and this solution may be a viable solution for some environments where EagleEye Director does not fit

15 15 EagleEye Director Polycom EagleEye Director For ALL HDX Room Telepresence Systems (6000 – 9000) Installation is quick and easy with a single camera cable to HDX HDX version 3.0.1 or higher must be used (not included with accessory purchase) Available as base-only, base + 1 camera & base + 2 cameras Works with EagleEye II and EagleEye III cameras Users should be within 25 feet of cameras SERVICE IS REQUIRED What you need to know - Specifications

16 16 EagleEye Director Polycom Complimentary Products SoundStructure SoundStructure may be a better solution for rooms where participants are well over 25 feet from the EagleEye Director or additional audio integration is necessary SoundStructure can use boundary microphones that will trigger cameras to P/T/Z to a preset camera location Polycom Touch Control Touch Control adds a level of improved usability for users. Even though users may not use the camera controls from Touch Control, the ease-of-use of dialing and sharing content makes the PTC a great add-on for your customer. A single one-touch button appears on the screen to turn EagleEye Director on & off.

17 17 EagleEye Director Sales Tools Available Customer presentation, FAQs, overview video, marketing wow video, installation video, how-to-demo video & more on PRC Product Bulletin #1316 for part numbers and pricing Streamlined pages to make navigation easier UC Innovations page EBCs & SBC will have demo units in May 2011 Units available to order and ship in May 2011

18 Thank you!

19 19 EagleEye Director BACKUP SLIDES

20 20 EagleEye Director Helpful Hints on Demoing The demo is key to selling the EagleEye Director Customer will definitely want to see the unit perform in their environment, but a REMOTE DEMO is a MUST Rules Demo always comes from the far site Customer demo focused on what you are showing Never Say: Can you see me? Can you hear me? Camera come to me… Say: Hello, how are you? If you have a normal conversation, the camera will focus on you

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