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Anatomy and Physiology for Emergency Care

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1 Anatomy and Physiology for Emergency Care
Chapter 9 The Peripheral Nervous System and Integrated Neural Functions

2 Objectives Identify the cranial nerves, and relate each pair of cranial nerves to its principle functions Relate the distribution pattern of spinal nerves to the regions they innervate Distinguish between the motor responses produced by simple and complex reflexes Explain how higher centers control and modify reflex responses

3 Objectives Identify the principle sensory and motor pathways
Explain how we can distinguish among sensations from different areas of the body Compare the ANS with other divisions of the nervous system Explain the functions and structures of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions

4 Objectives Discuss the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions, and explain the implications of dual innervation Discuss the interrelationships among the nervous system and other organ systems

5 The Peripheral Nervous System
Cranial nerves Distribution and function

6 The Peripheral Nervous System
Spinal nerves Nerve plexuses

7 The CNS and PNS: Integrated Functions
Simple reflexes Stretch reflex

8 The CNS and PNS: Integrated Functions
Complex reflexes Withdrawl reflexes Integration and Control of Spinal Reflexes

9 Sensory and Motor Pathways
Sensory pathways Posterior column pathway

10 Sensory and Motor Pathways
Pyramidal system Extrapyramidal system

11 The Autonomic Nervous System

12 The Autonomic Nervous System
Sympathetic division Sympathetic chain Collateral ganglia Adrenal medullae

13 The Autonomic Nervous System
Parasympathetic division Organization General functions Relationships between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Divisions

14 Integration with Other Systems

15 Summary

16 Emergency Care Applications
Chapter 9

17 Overview Neurotransmitters Parasympathetic NS Sympathetic NS
Organophosphate Poisonings

18 Overview Reflexes

19 Summary

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